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Coming down From Washington to Train June 19th and 20th

I would love to meet up with some of the local guys and see the spots.

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There is always at least one session on Friday (check back on the events page the week of)
Hey, Rafe! Welcome...
As Niko said, the Friday "after work" (5/5:30-ish) session is a fix, location rarely changes, but we are thinking of rotating it a bit.
Somebody may be interested in taking an out-of-towner downtown SF, even if security, tourists and foot-traffic makes it always a little iffy...
Saturday I would recommend either the bunkers or any of the location of the MWCJam (check the recap here...).

We'll bump this thread around those days again...
@ everybody: Rafe was featured in a NPR radio interview back in May.
More info and direct link here.
...sorry: the link Friday "after work" above is broken.
It refers to these sessions here...
Thanks guys I'll probably meet up with you for the friday session then going to meet some of the SFPK guys to go the bunkers on saturday. Everyones welcome to come there too.
Yeah, the Saturday plan is meet at UCB at 10AM, then lunch (Naan'n'Curry?), then head over to the Bunkers and Seng had the excellent suggestion to head to GWHS post-Bunkers.

Should be funstuffs! Aero sounded interested too, so it looks like a good fun group. Because we'll be driving separate cars and such, I'm not sure about exact times for each location. You can always call me that day: 707 623 2812 and if I'm not swimming, I'll try to keep my phone on me. We might incorporate some natural method training at the Bunkers and run down to the beach or something!

Woot. Grooviness.

Kirill? Hillexallen? I demand you gentleman attend this!
Good times -- I'll join you guys!!
Beretta: Locations at SFPK site?
Thread on SFPK
sounds fun! i might make it as well..
Yeah, I believe so.

For UCB, meet at the Doe Library at 10.
There's an almost 100% chance that I won't be swimming so if Brett doesn't pick up, you can call me 415.314 zero37zero also. I'll play the role of Berkeley guide for anyone who needs to be guided in.
And I'll bring ya shirt
Friday session is up; with a slightly extended format.
Check it out.


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