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2009 MWCJ (1st edition) weekend wrap-up

1st Massive West Coast Jam a huge success... to be repeated!

During Memorial Day weekend 2009 BAparkour and PKCali joined forces to bring as many West Coast communities together for a regional Jam in San Francisco.
We invited traceurs from Southern California, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and of course the whole Bay Area with the goal of establishing a stronger bond throughout the West Coast.
On Saturday, May 23 we hosted an all day session spanning five locations including WWII bunkers, a wooded trail run, park playgrounds and school campuses.

Following the wrap-up of this very long and fulfilling week-end:

Around 11:00am on Saturday we gathered more than 55 initial participants for the sign up at Battery Godfried overlooking the Golden Gate bridge. PKCali showed with a strong representation of 15+, while traceurs from Sacramento, Santa Rosa, San Jose and even Washington State were present.
They all joined the 10 local guides, who were ready to split into smaller groups of 20/25. That was planned, but also required by the only meeting with authorities of the day, when two cars of park rangers approached us (after spotting the only professional cameraman "attending" the event...), and notified us that a permit was required within the GG National Recreation Space for groups bigger than 25...
So, while regretting not doing a speech and a collective warm-up at the opening, we started dispatching groups to the spots right away.
Some had a blast doing massive quadrupedal courses through the winding trees at Mountain Lake Park. Others had fun tricking on the grass, while people kept on joining in, filling the ranks of the few that left early (lots of first-timers to big jams).
At any given time we estimate 80 traceurs training, with a strong traceuses representation. A close by elementary school provided good rails fun, while after transferring to George Washington HS campus and regrouping all, we indulged in some serious follow-the-leader runs, burning out all the remaining fuel.
At about 5:00pm we were ready to party with a big barbecue, frisbee, soccer and a gigantic PDQ game, many Capoeira 'rodas' and some MMA jamming at Golden Gate Park.
A last vault box thrown on the grassy meadow kept on tempting the 50+, who hung out until sunset...

Here the MWCJ Main Session original thread, with lots of enthusiastic comments:

Original front page post: 'Massive West Coast Jam' was a blast!
Check the original thread for feedback... but see the complete WEEKEND WRAP-UP here!

From Wednesday to Monday, surrounding the main jam, regular and special satellite sessions were scheduled for anyone to attend.

BApk Gym class
Thursday Berkeley Session
Friday Silent Session
Friday Gym Jam and Slumber Party
Saturday after-party big kids jazzy fun
Sunday Basic Training

Monday Conditioning

In conclusion, it was a tremendous successfully 1st MWCJ edition, which costs were entirely covered by participant donations and was possible through the help of all the many people offering food, rides, cooking, hospitality, etc. (a huge thank to Matt for cooking for everyone!). Thanks everybody for attending and giving us all the best you had.
No doubt we will repeat next year, when PKCali will "pick up the baton"...

More info:
Honorable Mentions to the Local Group Guides!
(see group guides composition here)

Media and Cameras Policy
(read it here)
Attendance Policy & Waiver for Minors
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