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At 12:24am on April 20, 2009, Kirill said…
At 8:18pm on March 6, 2009, Philosofist said…
Hey, any ideas for a good place to train for the Silent Sessions?
At 7:38am on February 16, 2009, Philosofist said…
Hey dude, I was thinking last night and I was stuck between training with you guys or playing badminton with my friends for like two hours. I felt the chills even with a heater in my room and my shoes and socks and feet were soaked and freezing. I think I'll be indoors playing some badminton today with my friends, I only get to see them on the weekends. I hope you guys understand. I truly wanted to train with you guys today, I'll join you when the weather is a little more suited for total beginners like me. Have fun training you guys! I'll join you next week.
At 8:27pm on February 14, 2009, Kirill said…
check your email
At 3:33am on February 13, 2009, Key said…
Jo, thats me in the video hah ^^ thnx for comment :)
At 8:32pm on February 9, 2009, Dogwithrabiez said…
I do that, for the most part. Thing is? I hurt myself on the simplest of things, such as just plain jogging. It's not a matter of the big things I do, but rather just the stupid little accidents that happen every now and again.
At 11:15pm on February 7, 2009, Nick Romero said…
haha sooo funny seeing you guys today.. ya we were just coming from ocean beach. took the mini trampoline was cold but fun
AcroSports Sundays is open play - breakers, tumbling, tricking, pk, whatever!
At 4:40pm on February 7, 2009, The_Monkeyman said…
Yeah, for sure, see y'll at 10:00 GWHS
At 3:00pm on February 4, 2009, Nick Romero said…
Thx..every Friday sounds good to me, and yes I'd be happy to update the event on a weekly basis..
btw i will be going to AcroSports tonite..let me know if you need a ride
At 11:17pm on February 3, 2009, Nick Romero said…
hey alex are you down for noe valley training this friday?
At 8:36pm on February 3, 2009, Pigeon said…
I've got pets that wake me up by 8:30 if I'm not already up. any time after that is ok.
At 2:05pm on February 2, 2009, Philosofist said…
You up for training early again next sunday at 10 somwhere? Let's try to get a tag game going this time too, to put it into good use.
At 10:51pm on February 1, 2009, Youssif said…
Hi Alex... the pic, yeah we're working on that... our computer that had all of our pics stored on it (on Photoshop) crashed recently, so it's "in the shop", and we have another computer but we don't have the program(s) on it, and I (mom/Jen) just have not had the time to figure all this out.... lol... anyways, thanks for being so welcoming and friendly. I'm sure we will see you again soon. Peace out - Jen/Youssif
At 9:00am on January 30, 2009, Xavier Shay said…
I have people coming over for dinner at 6:30, I'll try and push that back a bit so I can come train for a bit
At 11:56am on January 29, 2009, Deejay said…
the one on Day street.
At 11:48am on January 29, 2009, Deejay said…
As several people may come with me we decided to meet up at the main gate fo Upper Noe Rec Center instead, at 11:45am. See you there!
At 4:47pm on January 25, 2009, Philosofist said…
Nice training with you today.
At 12:07am on January 25, 2009, Iliketovaultthings said…
well, where is the beginners jam going to be?
At 11:36pm on January 24, 2009, Kirill said…
Ill wait till Mizu replies...
My vote is on GWHS
At 7:26pm on January 23, 2009, Pigeon said…
Also, I'd be up for a session at Upper Noe tomorrow. I don't have the interweb at home so.... I guess I'll just head over there around 11 or 12. Hope to see you there. You and/or Deejay can show me some of the ropes around the playground.

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