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Aside from all the other subtopics dealing with Parkour. What are some practical uses of parkour? Can you use it everyday? I find for me, parkour is a little like martial arts, where it is highly useful in times of danger. In China when the Japanese invaded many people learned kungfu as a practical way of self defense, I can see parkour as the same. But what are some other uses of parkour? Name as many as you like, from winning a game of tag, to catching a bus, perhaps like Mirror's edge be a messenger in a totalitarianist era, list them out, so people can start applying parkour to their everyday lives.

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Somewhat, sometime...
...the spatial perception, and body awareness gained by regular parkour practice are invaluable in any given work or leisure situation. (picture yourself crowd running while transferring at the airport...)
Also increasing the ability to move one's body at high speed or with lots of controlled momentum and strength proves very often useful. (picture rescuing your car from being ticketed, once spotting the ticket maid from the house window...)
Eye-hand coordination, measured use of force, reflexes... (picture yourself catching a glass falling from the kitchen counter...)
I use it to get over fences and gates if I left a book at school or something, it makes things all the quicker
Haha... well, the only thing i do often is lazy vault onto my bed. It is really fun.
I got a ball from a roof of a school fir a bunch of kids this past weekend... Felt great
nice man!
Kirill and I used parkour yesterday to run away from the Fire Department, even though they weren't there. lol
.....come again? Running from invisible firemen?

I think you should get a checkup my friend. I hear there's some nice window spaces at a big white facility with padded walls. ;)
lol it was pretty hilarious. I'll tell you the whole story when i see you sometime.
I just used Parkour to get off and on the stage with relative ease while everyone else has to walk 20 feet around and up some stairs. I can also jump from the bottom to the top of the stairs in one leap, and thus answer the doors faster than anyone as well. =3
Kirill told me about he helped a Black guy chase a White guy who called his bus driver a n****r. Then when they caught up to him, he started chasing them, and he used parkour to get away. H told me he was very scared.

That definitely qualifies as a real life situation.
i always use parkour for short-cuts, i hate walking around everything... no wall is too high!


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