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  • Vpac (vallejo parkour association crew)

    5 members Latest Activity: Jan 15, 2011 this is a new group formed by 4friends who love parkour @8/11/2010.Friendly members and fun to hang around with. We will have a Parkour class…

  • Small Town Runners

    20 members Latest Activity: Jul 8, 2018 This is a group for free runners that live in small towns that can't get to good spots for what they are capable of. We welcome anyone, not just…

  • Davis Parkour

    4 members Latest Activity: Oct 14, 2016 It's about time UC Davis get a pa group going. I know it's a bit out of the Bay, but I'm from the East Bay and know a plenty of people at Davis that…

  • nvpk

    9 members Latest Activity: Dec 6, 2010

  • Sacromento pk

    5 members Latest Activity: May 22, 2012 ppl in sac? or areas near by

  • San Bruno

    11 members Latest Activity: Jul 19, 2013 Hey guys, just Making a PLace so you know when where and how we are doing out SB jams. Hit me up if u'd liek a special Jam, or if you want to go to…

  • Ghosts

    9 members Latest Activity: Dec 31, 2008 Come join.We Jam together and make neat videos!

  • The Pack

    2 members Latest Activity: Apr 29, 2015

    We are a group of kids, teenagers and college students that share a interest and passion for either parkour, freerunning, or both. Tracuers,…

  • Mission Traceurs

    5 members Latest Activity: Mar 29, 2016

    A group of traceurs in the Mission looking for spots to train and/or people with whom to train.

  • San Jose Traceur's

    15 members Latest Activity: Nov 24, 2014

    We are the Traceurs of San Jose. We all progress at our own pace and train hard. At the end of the day after hard training the biggest…

  • Santa Cruz PK

    9 members Latest Activity: Oct 27, 2013 Group to connect all the Traceurs of the greater Santa Cruz area! Damn HWY 17 and the Santa Cruz Mountains separating us from the rest of the Bay…

  • Palo Alto area

    22 members Latest Activity: Oct 23, 2016

    This is a Group for all of you who live near Palo Alto.

  • Guardian Art

    15 members Latest Activity: Jun 21, 2012 Hi! This is a Free Running school in the South Bay called Guardian Art. We are going to be hosting many workshops from beginner to advanced. We…

  • Too old to rock and roll

    10 members Latest Activity: Jun 21, 2012 Group for people who think they're too old to parkour, but still want to try

  • Musicians

    39 members Latest Activity: Mar 25, 2015 Yes!!! Musicians!!! any style, Jazz, Folk,Classical, doesn't matter...people who love music. Please join if you are a listener, or preform/play…

  • Traceurs Fighting Commercialization

    24 members Latest Activity: Jun 21, 2012 We know what parkour is, and we want to keep it true. Members of this group will be expected to TAKE ACTION against competition and…

  • Silent Traceurs

    36 members Latest Activity: Mar 31, 2015 Silence is the demonstration of muscular control. It also is the key to focusing more on movement. Training alongside other silent traceurs ensures…

  • Freerunners, Gymnasts, Trickers, and Breakers

    27 members Latest Activity: Jun 17, 2013 This Group is for individuals interested in any of the above. Hopefully we will get some sessions going where we can practice some of this stuff.

  • Noe Valley

    14 members Latest Activity: Sep 9, 2012 All traceurs in or near Noe Valley...

  • Photographers and Videographers

    19 members Latest Activity: Jul 8, 2014 If you are interested in creating photos and videos, join this group!

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