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Hey, guys,

Thanks to Chris and Seng, I've realized that I ought to post here about our visit in addition to SFPK. Basically, I and two other traceurs would love to get together with you locals for a good training session with sometime during our visit. I'm throwing January 3rd out there tentatively because it's a Saturday and those tend to be good, but New Year's, New Year's Eve, or Sunday the 4th all work fine, too. I don't have any locations in mind, but I already plan on taking my friends to the bunkers, so someplace else would be cool.

Is anyone interested in a meetup? Is anyone available? There's a thread on SFPK about this, too, so it's a race to whoever picks a specific place and time first ... I can't commit us to two separate gatherings as I don't know what our itinerary will be. I gather that the members of this board are closer to my own philosophy of training and parkour than the average SFPK member, so it'd be great to have something that works for a lot of you, but at the same time we want to meet as many people as possible, and anyone willing to come out.

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We would love you guys to join our standard Sunday basic training at GWHS, in SF, on Sunday, January 4. (for a previous session description, with location and comments click here)

As described in the links, the Sundays are not jams, but fairly standardized sessions in which we safely teach, get taught and train from absolute newcomers, up to intermediates.

It would be interesting if you guys would want to run an improvised, maybe more advance, part of the training, showing us a different approach, or other angles of our progressive learning.

Thanks for assuming that this community may be closer to your own philosophy of training and parkour than others, but we would like to have an opportunity to confirm that "live". ;)
Kindly let us know, what your availability will be...
We love the more focused training, and it's what we were hoping for. Jam atmosphere is all well and good AFTER work is done ... we like to relax three or four hours into training, once we've responsibly conditioned and pushed ourselves for the day.

I'm recovering from a minor injury and it's taking longer than expected, so I don't know how hardcore I will be able to go, but I and the other guys would be honored to take some small role in the day's leadership. If I can't demonstrate things, I can at least share, describe, and critique, and my two friends should be in peak condition.
Yeah, definitely come to the beginners' training. It is where real parkour learning takes place.
Hi Duncan, Welcome to BAPK! looking forward to meeting you and the others.
I second what SafeNSure said. Please come Sunday the 4th and train with us. George Washington High is a fantastic spot with tons of possibilities.

BTW, In case people didn't realize TK17 filmed & produced the documentary "Parkour Pilgrimage" which we have up on the site. Check it out if you haven't already. well as the video-project "GO" a piece of parkour art, which defined a BApk fundamental: "parkour can and should be fun, but it's a discipline, not a game"... another must see, if you haven't yet.
It should almost be a requirement to see those two videos before starting parkour; they're very good at expressing what it is.

Also, there's no way in hell I'm gonna miss the January 4th session then. :D
i agree w/ fyrel, no bloody way i'm gonna miss the session...
Two of my all time favorite pk vids. Hope I can be back in time for this.
Pilgrimage and what?

I think I've seen his other amazing one, but I forgot what it's called
...see 4 posts above... lol!
Alex has seen both. I showed them to him.


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