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i started doing pushups every night before bed and after only two weeks i noticed a huge difference in my upper body strength. climbing walls seems easier and overall more efficient. If you don't already do pushups regularly, try some when a you are bored in front of the tv. (beginners especially, DO THEM THEY WORK WONDERS) This has been a public service announcement lol

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Although I'd like to add that one should vary the kinds of push ups throughout the workout; triangle push ups, out wide, clap, etc.

Acouple situps and squats thrown into the equation will round it out and make for a good daily workout.
Do pushups, situps, then get some weights and lift 'em any way you possibly can. Over your head, sideways, curls, whatever. That's pretty much what I do at night before bed.
substitute cod 4 with gears of war 2 and its smooth sailing haha
No, definitely COD.
It has to be COD.
1. Cuz its frkken awesome
2. Cuz its adrenaline packed so you can do more pushups in the intervals
3. Cuz its frkken awesome and i know i just said that twice.
ok how bout substituting it with resident evil 5 on professional... u die every 10 seconds, its amazing
I used to LOVE doing push-ups as the last thing before going to bed, especially when I used to study at night (that was some years ago...).

I still remember the sensation of going under cover, and laying in the dark with my heart pounding and a light sweat...
That would last like five seconds, before crashing asleep.

Boys will be boys... lol!
also a great time filler while cooking
if you can do pull ups on your kitchen door that's great too
In perusing this site for all the information I can get, being a total beginner in all of this, I have a question about the push-ups. What is a "triangle" push up? I know it is a silly question.... and I can pretty much figure out the others.....but I would like to know "triangle" push up. Thanks
It's where you place your hands close to each other and form a triangle with your index fingers and thumbs. Or you can just put your hands close together. Either one works really.
lolz. imagine your body being photographed from satellite while you are doing pushups. you should look like an isoscelese triangle.

your legs should represent two of the angles- and your arms- the third angle-
also make a triangle shape by connecting your thumbs and pointer fingers.

now you know the secret to triangular pushups!



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