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im new to ba parkour and to parkour in general, and i was wondering aspect of parkour i should learn first. so far i can do simple two handed vaults.... and not tooo much else :P. i have a friend who is pretty good at parkour and he's been teaching me little by little when we have time but im worried that that won't be enough. please leave any questions comments or suggestions. 

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watch a billion videos! they'll get you into the basics of philosophy and progression, as well as inspiring you to keep at it!

I started with Jump Britain when it came out, found out about Jump London and watched that, then was recommended TK17's Pilgrimage.

here's pilgrimage:

and Jump Britain:

I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but after the vids is when you would go outside.
thanks man yeah im watching as much as i can right now and i hope ill be half as good as you guys someday
Well, since you live in the South bay, the best thing to do would be to drop by one of our jams sometime! We have Saturday and Sunday sessions every week and very much welcome beginners. As Puck said though, watch videos. There are tons of tutorial videos off Youtube. I got started off Urban Current's tutorial series, which I still think are the best tutorials I've seen thus far.
oh cool, yeah i'd love to come to one of your sessions
thank you
In terms of videos check out also Kaos progression series, which show ways to break down complicated movements in a more manageable subset of "baby-steps", allowing to progress in a controlled and successful way.
great thanks


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