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Train Hard - Stay Humble

LAST AVAILABLE T-SHIRTS, before moving on to versions 3.1 and 3.2... .
Here are the sizes left:

Men XL: 0 (Discounted, goes at $7! For once, give you Grandpa a gift!)
Men L: 0

Women M: 0
Women S: 0

$10/each (pls. bring cash -hand delivery in person at most Sunday sessions!-)



(version 1.0, and 1.1, being the "Tadlos + Jodie" initially released and realized only in its second, hoodie sub-version, for very limited!)

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Not on this one though, I'm not going. Next week.
Does Google take a fee for the online payment? I'd rather have all my $12 go to the shirts and any BApk fund.
Sure it does...
44 cents or so, less than 4%.

If peeps are wary of bringing cash with them or thy don't have pocket, it's an affordable solution.
ill wear it 24/7!
You may want to get a second than, for laundry purposes...
does it have a back?
No fact, this is a far more accurate picture:

great now i'll be able to show off my parkour skills at eating turkeys efficiently
From the head of the chicken to the back, in a straight line! Just mouth-vault over any bones that might be in the way.
Wow, looks great. I'll pick up one next time I'm around.
very cool! like the "stay humble" part....any chance I can order one & work out shipping, I really want to rock one down here in Fullerton!


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