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I created a map with all the training grounds that I know. Can you see it? Click the link below and let me know. How can I improve it? If I missed a spot let me know...but be specific. Intersections, addresses, or coordinates would help.

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Eureka Valley Recreation Center it's one block off the Castro and very busy with kids and dogs...

BUT:around this time of the year, and with July and August getting increasingly foggy at night, it may be a good idea to check out these spots in the late PM since sun will be setting as late as 7:30pm, kids go to bed (sometime!), and these places (including Noe Valley) are a bit more sheltered than Christopher Park...
This is seriously cool Chris, good work.
This type of thing is what makes me feel confident this sport is gonna keep growing and one day be alot more realized than it is now. Because people like you bother to spend your time putting together maps to make it even more accessible to beginners.

k so i looked around for a few maps and used google earth to put them all together and uploaded them back to google maps didnt rly look at it but here it is,-...
...that's kind of cool, but unfortunately it's not interactive.

i.e.: I just added a spot to the map I have access to (BApk's), and it didn't reflect/copy to the collective one (how could it?).
So... yeah. :D

Is there a widget that could do that?
Because otherwise it's better to agree on which one is gonna be updated, or make one "open source"...

Any geeky comment?
Foothill High School • 4375 Foothill Road, Pleasanton, CA 94588
this is the best place EVER!!!
i came here once when i stayed over at a friends,
the school is AWESOME lots of ledges, different sized rails, jumps and tables!
Also De Anza park isnt included here

De Anza Park
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
I have another VERY good place to practice:
Duveneck elementary school 705 Alester Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94303

this place i great for everything, they have 3 play structures! two of which have this rubber floor and the third having sand
they also have lots of metal containers, high benches, bike rakes, lots of piping on the sides of walls, a row of about 20 pick-nick benches and 2 story walls all covered in piping all behind the classrooms
this play was made for parkour!
btw my friend showed me this place today it was so fun practicing there
Duly noted here...
monta vista high school (21840 McClellan Road) and cupertino square (10123 North Wolfe Road) are two I can think of.
Cupertino Square has recently beefed up security; they'll kick you out for training there if you're there more than 5 minutes. It's nice to screw around on the walls there after a movie though. You should check out our South Bay Saturday events; we have a variety of spots down in the South Bay.


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