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I have been thinking a lot recently, and I think it is time that we start to do something about getting a good reputation for parkour and freerunning. I think that we have all promoted this cause, but we have not really contributed to it. I think that if we are passive about getting a good reputation for ourselves and our discipline, the media will eventually get the word out about parkour, and portray it as a "thrill seeker" sport. We will end up in the same situation skateboarding did. I think that we all agree that we don't want that.

So, instead of being passive, let's organize ourselves and get something going to save parkour and freerunning from getting a bad name.

Post your ideas here.

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I would love to. There is the documentary by Steve going...

Well a way to do that is through media....but since Parkour we are non-commercial....that idea is pretty hard to achieve. Maybe get involved in Parkour classes.... Take over all the classes possible lol
Media is not necessarily commercialization. We don't have to sell anything, we just have to get our message out.
I wanted to make that point. Didn't know how to express it lol. For example...create a BAPK documentary...its sort of in progress.... Agh. i cant think of anything. Maybe Demonstrations?
BAPK documentary would be really cool actually. This scene has amassed a lot of rich history in a very short amount of time. Perhaps give it a past, present, and future vibe?

Other things we can do is educate our practitioners better, so that if they ever find themselves talking to a reporter then they will have some good/positive/intelligent things to say.
grand idea....
well.... i guess lets start it!!!
Hey, I want to help with the filming! :D
I'll bring a camera out as often as possible in order to get some footage.
We could have a Parkour Jam which involves running around, collecting all the trash/recyclables you can find and putting them in the right places?
Yeah, great idea! A "clean up" jam.

We would have to make a video of it so people would see that we are actually helping the community.

Let's start planning this right away! Maybe it could be a Thanksgiving thing, for the Saturday after Thanksgiving!

What do you guys think?
YEs!!! Wear BAPK clothes and do it in the center of the city where there are thousands of people!!!
Good idea!!!


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