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LAST AVAILABLE T-SHIRTS, before moving on to versions 3.1 and 3.2... .
Here are the sizes left:

Men XL: 0 (Discounted, goes at $7! For once, give you Grandpa a gift!)
Men L: 0

Women M: 0
Women S: 0

$10/each (pls. bring cash -hand delivery in person at most Sunday sessions!-)



(version 1.0, and 1.1, being the "Tadlos + Jodie" initially released and realized only in its second, hoodie sub-version, for very limited!)

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PM kaos...
Since it seems it shrinks a lot when washed, should we medium wearers buy a large?
...ehmm! That's a tricky one.

Depends how you (or your "provider") wash it:
- cold/delicate, no dryer -> get your fitting size
- cotton/sturdy, "high heat" dryer -> get whatever you think best, BUT...
...good luck if it's too large in shrinking to the "right size".

I took mine "medium"... (true, though, that I'm from the generation in between Superman and Spiderman... I don't have a problem with spandex... lol!)
In case anyone was wondering, the shirt works for spreading parkour!
I was at Trader Joe's earlier tonight, and the lady who was ringing me up saw the shirt and asked if I did parkour. Turns out that her 12 year old son is getting interested in it, has played Assassin's Creed and Mirror's Edge, etc... I wasn't exactly in a position to have a lengthy conversation with her, but I dropped the name of the web site at the very least.

And that's just wearing the shirt for one day... Yikes!
Nice! Recruiting...
Brilliant.....I really hope all of us get these reactions. :D
wow nice way to spread the pride.
Didn't you wear that shirt training Sunday? I'm surprised she did anything to delay you moving along.

I've got to remember to photocopy more fliers for brief encounters like this one.
Well, it was only a little smelly. And a big overshirt helped a good bit too. I was pretty surprised too. Grocery stores get big crowds on Mondays for some reason, and tonight was no exception. I was more than happy to talk, but there were plenty of people lined up behind me and I didn't want to keep her from getting to them any more than necessary.
If I buy a shirt, will someone be able to hand it to me in person within the next 2 weeks? I'd really like to get the shirt while I'm still in SF instead of receiving it in the mail when I travel back.
Buy it at the Sunday session.
In another (closed) thread, axci1234fire, asked:
"Hey, are the blue BAPK T-shirts still on sale, because i'm interested in buying one soon."..

Duperhero answered:
"yeah there are some left. the sizes.. i have no clue. chris (Kaos) sells them on sundays still, but they're running low on sizes like medium and small. i think."


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