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The topic came up earlier, and I thought I'd bring it up again. Some key questions would be:

How do we want to portray our community?

What message is the documentary trying to convey?

How and where do we want to distribute it?

Who is willing to contribute and what can they contribute?

These are just a couple questions to kick off the discussion, any other thoughts or questions about the documentary would be very welcome.

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I'll give it a shot:

#1 accurately
#2a "Parkour" is parkour, and "Freerunning" is frerunning
#2b "Parkour is good for you" (and, maybe, for the world)
#3 where grown ups will see it (educators, administrators, parents...)
#4 us all, somehow; depends what's needed... and some good pk friends too
I would think that if we can get people to donate some money, we could get professionally printed dvds, and people would likely pay more attention to that. Handing it out at some sort of event would be cool.

Edit: Hey, since most of us carry backpacks around while we're doing parkour, and people tend to ask us what we're doing, we could carry a couple copies of the documentary around during jams or just while practicing. If anybody asks what we're doing or wants more info, we could hand them the dvd.
...a cheaper way to go -maybe allowing us to skip donations (or using them otherwise)- would be uploading the video online and linking it from the main (public, aka; no sign up required) page.

That way, you'd only have to carry a small flyer, or card, with the direct link; similar to the one we have already...
That's obviously the more practical idea, but people would be more likely to watch a hard copy and less likely to go to a website. There would be an online version regardless, but I think a physical copy is more likely to be watched. they?
It doesn't seem to be the latest trend...

When did you, or someone you know, received a hard copy (dvd, cd-rom, even a brochure) of something lately? And if so, did you watch it/read it?
Remember: not stuff we buy or want, but free information we randomly get, that we may be interested in...

It seems that our individual time is getting so overstimulated that the most focused and personal time we end up with is the one in front of the PC (or Mac)...

Also, another trend is that what's completely free (also in terms of effort), is perceived as worthless, while if someone has to make, at least the effort of punching in an URL, or answering some compelling questions, he/she feels more involved, and more likely allocating the necessary time to actually review the info...

Anyway we can do both...
I'm talking about the scenario where they ask you what you're doing and want more information; but yeah, we'll see how it works. Whatever's convenient.
1. Accurately.

2. We should talk about the history of parkour, about what parkour is and is not, and then try to convince the public that parkour is beneficial for the community.

3. Everywhere in every way.

4. I've got an HD camera, editing software, some experience in video, and a year of experience in parkour.

I'm going to just start filming parkour in general because we will need a lot of footage.
Intro: Tell what parkour is and what BAPK is.

Scene One: Go into more detail about parkour.

Scene Two: Go into more detail about BAPK

Scene Three: "Discussion" trying to portray parkour as a good thing.

End: Recap
I think it would be more interesting to have a less linear structure and have the ideas come out through interviews with practitioners at different levels talking about stuff like non-hierarchical student/teacher relationship, progression, translation of ideas into everyday life, need for practice spaces, going from indoor to outdoor or vice versa, etc. Overlaid with action shots, of course. Q&A is akin to the obstacles and opportunities we practice through parkour.
Something like the documentary that TK made?
Great idea. Just throwing some ideas out there, doesn't have to be "linear" but it should include the things that I posted in my opinion.
...I'm imagine that the goal is still "to do something about getting a good reputation for parkour and freerunning".


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