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If only once to try out some longer kongs or dashes. Eat shit, land on your head, clip your feet, whatever none of it matters at these places. You really have to put some effort into hurting yourself here.

Alot of purists say you dont NEED to train inside. And you dont. but if you are just starting and really just need to get used to throwing some momentum around this is the best place. How do you get to that point where you can kong picnic tables? You throw yourself and just get used to the flying around in the air and crashing down part. The gym cuts the time in half it takes most people to get this type of feeling down. There is a confidence you get in your "abilities" (whether you thought you had them or not) at these places that can help you get over those "sticking points or plateaus". Makes learning a gapped double kong easier (you def eat it alot learning this outside trust me).

even the beach or famed Sea Wall aint got chit on some nice cushy softness when it comes to landing on your skull/face.

So try it once, atleast!!!!! Just make sure you dont get trapped there, Parkour is still REALLY done outside. This just makes for some easy transitions/progressions.

SF- Acrosports gym training with chris on wednesdays

UCBerkeley Gym monday through thursday- definitely hit me up if you are going ot this...

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i wanna go- to Berkley- never been to a gym...
Do they have a foam pit?
yo on weds in acrosports at what time??? i want to practice my tripple kongs and long double kongs and front flips... let me know so i can hit it up??? i can definetley hit that on weds... just not nxt week...
Sorry, Bonez415 but the AcroSports class is for parkour. We condition and work on fundamentals. If you want to do tricks like triple kongs and flips you ought to try the Berkeley Gym.
yeah..... berkeley for flips and silliness
I need to get some practice in the gym for sure. It would definately help me progress. I know that I got some skill's that would be better to practice at a gym so that I can make sure that I got the landing down. Not that Im doing that bad on the streets just that b-4 I go any bigger It would be nice to know what needs to be done to stick the bigger moves with out the chance of hurting my self.
I want to check it out,so if you could let me know if it's cool to just stop by and join the group or what. I don't know how exactly it works but I def-want to do some training in a spot where I can let go a bit and try some things that I'm pretty sure I can do but don't want to kill myself in the process.
I really really really want to go to an Acrosports Wednesday training, i couldn't find the thread for it, giorgio? ;D
Here you go. I think I'm going to make it this week.
8O's among the events, on the calender!?!
Anyone know of a gym on the north side? Farther North the better.


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