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I know that everybody has a favorite pair of shoes to PK in. I like the Rbk Ventilators, HillexAllen likes the Freerunners and mikeywr likes the Savants. I was just wondering what is your favorite PK shoe and why? is there some special grip, or some great padding, or cushioning? Maybe this discussion will help someone in the market for PK shoes. So people, please post your favorite shoes. And maybe post a photo of them or a video of them being used.

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basically different shoes help different styles, thats y i love minimal feiyues and fyrel uses big super grippy 510 savants, some people like the almost completely minimal vibrams and others like the grip of freerunners. basically its whatever you feel most comfortable in
I recommend shoes that fit. That important factor seems to be missing in your current selection.
Hiking shoes work really well they are made for running and climbing, good cushioning, dont fall apart really fast, they are heavy but iv grown to like that
Anyone know of an american made shoe or none chinese made

I'm looking for a place that sells the Feiyue Lo's. It seems everyone has the normal Feiyue's but not the the Lo version that's a lot more durable. There are two online shops that have them but I've never heard of either of them and I'd prefer a more popular retailer or somewhere I can buy in person.


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