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What is the difference between parkour, freerunning, and other branches of the art of movement?

Just write down your thoughts here!

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Parkour is defendant on the speed of point A to point B.

Freerunning is doing whatever is coolest from point A to point B, and not worrying about efficiency.

That's what I heard, anyhow.
Parkour = moving from point A to B as fast and efficiently as possible
Freerunning = tricking

i guess thats right, freerunning is unclear to me
Parkour is defined here, not by me, but by a community of international parkour practitioners, and community-leaders and organizers.

Freerunning is just about that: "free"... "running"...
"The difference" and "Your thoughts" are two completely separate things. The differences are real and concrete. Your thoughts are just your thoughts.

The fact is, that the difference has always been in the intention. Each discipline has a different mindset. If you intend to train to move quickly and efficiently, that is the mindset of a traceur. If you want to know what freerunning is go to
...very well expressed here (3:00-3:25).
It all came from l'art du déplacement...... All the same thing..... minor differences...... And please dont start going "There is a huge difference"! or "Parkour is predefined and has a purpose!!!"

I mean.....these practices are VERY similar.
So what is it when beauty is sought through efficiency? The movements I train are parkour, but since my motivation for learning them is more about fitness and recreation than utility, my practice should probably be considered freerunning.
..."fitness" and "recreation" are "utility" least more than "beauty", or "pulling crazy sh@t"!
I would say one thing, which is that sometime the flashy movements actually are efficient. Rarely, but sometimes. Check out the video for "Not My Time" by 3 Doors Down.

It's basically another popular band hopping on the parkour bandwagon, but I think they do it a lot better than say, Madonna's epilepsy-inducing video for Jump. God, jump cuts are just the worst thing in the world... The whole point of parkour is flow from one thing to another, and cutting so quickly from scene to scene completely negates that. Awful.

Anyway, in the 3 Doors Down video, a lot of things were clearly done just to make the guy look cool, but look at the flip at 2:25. That's a pretty efficient way to get over a fence where you can't really touch the top, imo.

Parkour = movement to get you quickly and efficiently from point A to point B.
Freerunning = movement to get you quickly and efficiently into bed with a girl you're trying to impress. Or failing that, quickly and efficiently into the hospital.
!! Best Freerunning Definition Award 2008 !!
Agreed lolololol
Also agreed. You made me laugh at my computer and spill pizza hot pocket on my shirt... (intense parkour diet lol)


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