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Tim and I have been asked to do an interview+photos for the yearbook at our school. While we know what we want to say, I was wondering if anybody on BAPK wants to add anything, or if there are points we should emphasize over others. Currently, I'm planning to talk about:

• Origins of parkour - Natural Method, Yamakasi, David Belle, how parkour's always been around
• Difference between parkour and freerunning (along with irrelevance of names in the end...train what you train, but make sure you one knows the difference between being efficient and expression)
• Anti-competition/commercialization
Safe training & progression
• Health issues

Anything else? What should be emphasized? Warned against?

(Interview is on 9/23, Wednesday, although I'll see if I can get them to have a second one if there are things I missed; and besides, I want to show them spots other than just the park)

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...well, you've covered a lot.

Of course what PK is "for" (pro-something) is gonna be the most relevant part for a new reader/listener.

I would recommend only to distinguish between anti-competition, because of the negative consequences of competitive training for safety, health and longevity, and instead anti-competition as opposing idolization of competitors, growing communities of viewers instead of practitioners, and ultimately exploiting a discipline and its philosophy to entertain the masses, instead of improving their condition (may need to rephrase this last, commie, wording... lol!).

This last point is in fact the so-called commercialization aspect, which, should be clarified (IMO), it's not about people making a living, or even nice money, thanks to parkour (opening gyms, teaching, demoing it, etc), but about its appropriation by business professionals, repackaging and distributing it through mainstream channels, which ends up in a misrepresentation of the discipline, its philosophy, and the practitioners' motives... as nicely described by this (independent) article here.

If anything, I would definitely add a word about the grassroots movements called local PK communities (also comparing it with the concept of team, clan and tribe)...
I would only add that most of what you mentioned you can look up on line. Why not say something about what PK means to you...
Yeah, the personal things are something I definitely will say; I just wanted to know if there was anything you guys would like me to get across.
Very good point!
Something like: where were you when you started, where are you now in your practice, where would you see yourself in -say- 3/5 years...
How about health benefits as well as issues?

Be sure to let us know how it goes. :)


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