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Parkour+Commercialization will lead to Competition. Many of the traceurs of the parkour community attempt to gain money from practicing parkour. Many even envision (the possibility) that parkour will be in the x-games. This frustrates me 3 times. 1- Parkour is not PRO competition. 2- It is NOT an extreme sport. 3- commerce.

The ultimate sate of commercialism is competition. Why>?
Simply because it is the EASIEST way of getting the public to "buy parkour". It is the easiest, because, first of all- the whole event. I cant even imagine how many people would watch parkour in the x-games. Second, a bunch of people could easily be attracted to this "opportunity". Third, Parkour is an ever growing discipline. some kids will sell their motherland in order to see "pro" parkour.

Many of us, start thinking. "Well, what about the initial philosophy of parkour?"
well, the initial philosophy goes into the bin once the money starts pumping. Our "Philosophy" and mentality is pretty insignificant to the person who wants to make money. The people who see the $$$ in Parkour, dont really care about its philosophy. They just want to fill their ever ending greed. (Same thing- why cant a person stop in the casino). Even if they are getting some money out of it already, 5.10.....etc. Urban free flow... they wont stop.

Most of this is common sense.

I have no idea what Parkour will be in the future, but certainly hope it will NEVER be in the x-games.

Feel free just to post anything either Pro or against commercialism.

I have no idea why i wrote that, but it read on the the people's biography on the 5.10 sponsor list, and it made me sick.

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I personally think that we can do more than that.
"I think not..."
"I think yes!"
"I dare you!"
"I double-dare you..."
"I dare you to infinity, and beyond!"
"I dare you for eternity and some..."
I think we can do more than that if we give it some effort ;)
we don't want to "force" ideas on other people, i think its just like chris said, "spray and pray" ... well not really
in the acro class, if i didnt "MAKE" somebody do a movement a certain way, or try something in at an angle or with a reach that they didnt initially want to try, they would still be stuck doing their same old thing.

PK has certain sport specific movements and techniques that are pretty set. (reaching, accuracy with hands/feet, take off from certain body positions, ability to CARRY momentum)

Too much freedom and we get that interpretative dance black ninja shit.

Watch always sunny in philly "the gang goes america all over their asses"

Too much freedom is never fun...
There are a few topics going on here, so these points are a bit disparate.

1) Professional parkour allows people who are dedicated to the sport to really live it (by sponsorship and other funding), setting new standards of achievement that inspire us (this is true for all sporting disciplines)

2) Yoga, many martial arts disciplines, are also about self discovery, and learning. They have competitions. Many people don't care for them. What makes parkour different? Competition isn't inherently bad, it can inspire you to focus your training. The attachment to winning is what is against the parkour ethic. I compete in dancing competitions for exactly this reason - winning means nothing to me, but I am a better dancer because I compete.

3) "Anyone who lives parkour can teach parkour." Yes, I am all for sharing and learning. But you cannot teach as well as a qualified instructor. Teaching is hard. A professional instructor can make a HUGE difference, both in skill improvements, mental approach and motivation. I speak here from my experience with dancing, where I have learned off many teacher from local to international.

Seeking knowledge from those expert at giving it is not at odds with the Parkour philosophy, many experts will find it necessary to charge in order to be able to maintain their skills both at parkour and teaching. There is a great interview with a famous buddhist (aside: google "Be your own therapist" and watch it, it is worth more than the 60 minutes it goes for) where she is asked about "discovering everything out for yourself". She basically replies with "how stupid, other people have thought about this more than you have. The key is to not accept what they on blind faith, but use it to help your own thinking".

Thought experiment: David Belle comes to the bay area, runs a training session, asks for $$ to help cover his travel and living expenses - this enables him to spread the word of parkour full time. Is this against the spirit of parkour? Or does this enrich the parkour community? Would this be a net gain for BA parkour?

4) "We cannot stop people from doing what they want. We can just keep our community healthy and set a positive example for everyone."
Exactly, unlike many other causes worthy of actual activism (don't get me started), people "mispracticing" parkour doesn't really have a net detraction on society, or even our community. There is enough of a solid core of people in it for the right reasons, I do not see the erasure of those principles as a real threat at the moment.

5) Historically, 'annoyance' activism has only worked on a really large scale for really big causes. Anything less and it can back fire by just making people think you're annoying and missing your message.
Hasnt somebody gotten busted up at almost every PK-ish competition already had?

they might have won their pair of shoes though....

I compete. With the hard ass concrete, on a daily basis.

It sucks when he wins
I believe that htere is a very good vreason why the FOUNDERS of parkour are against that idea....

Competitions tend to "push" traceurs- and make them do things that they are unsure about doing.
This has an extremely high potential for injury.... And the motto "To be and to last" actually goes against "pushing yourself"

It does, because as soon as you start to over do things- your knees tend to give out. Slow progression has no place in competitions.

If you have a limited amount of time before a competition- you have to prepare. And you have to prepare fast. To prepare fast.... you have to go fast! Gymnasts take no caution with their body- some take steriods, others train at day, and at night. This type of training takes its toll when you are 30....

If you train like will have meat in place of your knees. seriously.

What good is a rush in parkour?
Where are you rushing?

What good is "fast progression"

Also competitions increase risk of injury.

People get adrenaline when theyh compete. They go for things.

This WILL result in injury whether you like it or not.

Too sum things up.... Competition goes against all values of Parkour. No matter how you tray to twist the issue, copmetition will NEVER be a part of parkour.

Ahh yessss. What good is a "Profesional instructor"

IF you just have a teacher who does Parkour not for money, you are all set!

Especially if he/she has a ton of experience.... Like Kaos and Andrey!

About competition:

1. Competition was originally not a part of the art of displacement, parkour or freerunning.
2. The founders are against competition. (But for sponsorship and traceurs in movies.)
3. Competition is dangerous.
4. Organized competitions give companies control over parkour. Parkour belongs to traceurs, not companies. It's okay to sell parkour products, but not to try to buy parkour itself from its practitioners.
5. Competition causes rivalry and a "class system", and makes it harder for beginners to learn. We don't need that.

About ADAPT: PK Generations wants to have complete control over the parkour "industry". That is why they want to name who is certified and who isn't. I think that trainees can decide whether someone is good at teaching or not, not a company.

About classifying parkour: The art of displacement, parkour and freerunning share a unique category. Although they are much like disciplines, arts and sports, they have their own category. Nothing that applies to disciplines, arts and sports has to apply to parkour.

About activism: We can do more than setting a good example. Here's one thing: let's all add the "pro parkour against competition" image to our signatures on all the other parkour forums.
some good points
thx ;)


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