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We have been talking quite a bit about this (AeroSF/Ryan and I had a looong thread going on artificial and/or portable obstacles in "another" forum...) and with the opportunity of this posting of mine on PKNA, I would like to re-gather all information in one thread, and getting the discussion going again.

I've dug out all the info for which we can claim some sort of intellectual property... lol... or that is in the public domain.

On BApk we talked about this topic on different threads:
- Parkour Vision
- Burning Man 2009 (equipment)
- Scaffolding Spots

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"You saw it, now use it!"
Some action pictures of the private park in Denmark:

(CREDIT: StreetMovement DK and PKGenerations)
There's something to be said about Danish interest in PK parks and European industriousness (!):

(click on image for direct link)

"The Park is inspired by some of the absolute best locations in the world, among others locations from the city where Parkour was born: Lisses, Paris.

Team JiYo has provided the idea development of the park. Our work has been to conceptualize the initial idea and to design the park elements in the sketching phase.
During the process we have received support from Eik Bjerregaard, who has been assigned as architectural consultant and Jesper Kondrup as 3D artist. Both have been very good to communicate our ideas in 2D and 3D.
The park is made in collaboration with Landscape Architects Kragh & Berglund.

With the creation of the Park, we wish to create the best opportunities for as many as possible, that will encourage people to develop freely and with creativity, mentally as well as physically.

The park has a budget of approximately 2.5 million Danish kroner ($445,000), that we finally – after two and a half years of hard work - have received in order to build this dream of a park.

The park is financed by Copenhagen Municipality, Bygge –og anlægsfonden and By & Havn.

See it on the MAP here.

Inauguration pictures:

An interesting micro-concept:
Love it. I'm making one this weekend.

Maybe it be out of pipe so it can break down and fit in your car?
Lol...why in MY car? You have a car...
hah, sorry I just meant a hypothetical car. Not yours specifically.
...ahhhh, ok!
Got it now, lol...

Anyway, not PVC pipe which breaks and splitters... if anything, this system would work.
(If you're serious about it, message me; I have the manufacturer specs...)
Very cool'd be interesting to see what combination one could think of in that little space. It looks like fun.
Sebastien did it too: he launched his own Parkour course (with the aid of the City of Westminster, UK).
Sneak peak:

(non-embeddable video following the link above)
Two further examples:

I like the German one, but the UK one actually looks pretty boring. The variety of elevation makes all the difference. I dunno, the more "pk parks" i see the see, the more I think they're just watered down versions of what's already out there to play on. I'd rather see playgrounds that big kids can't break. Complete with swing sets and primary colors. And those spiral-y slides. I love those things.


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