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With the days getting shorter it's not always easy to find good places to train, say, after work and a long commute. So, I'd like to know if there are any spots out there that you guys can suggest for night/evening training.

I think a night spot should be:

1 - Sufficiently illuminated.
2 - Somewhat well traveled.

For safety in terms of your training and to keep yourself from being the target of unsavory characters and less understanding law enforcement, train in sight!

Preferbly in sight of your pk buddies. :)

While I'm all for training in the rain, another thing to keep in mind as winter wears on is shelter from bad weather.

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My first nomination is the familiar Crissy Field Center.The lighting isn't great, but it's good enough and at 7PM car and foot traffic is still steady, but not so much as to get in your way.

In addition to the rail area I like the concrete dividers they have set up under the freeway. They're still highly visable from the road and come in a variety of vault-worthy heights.
Aero/Ryan nominates Sloat where he used to do all his night training.

After all, the neighbors are ready to call the cops at the drop of a hat, so you should be pretty safe. Right? Right.
Don't know at "night" (lol), but in the late afternoon, after sunset (say 6-9:00), Christopher playground is reasonably lighted, is bordering the Police Academy, and there's a Safeway mall security guy sitting in the car right by the stairs leading up from the parking.

There are family joggers and power walkers and some dog walkers too...
Wouldn't venture towards Glen Canyon at all, though.

...and you can grab groceries on the way home, can't beat that!
Hey Marissa,
The Richmond Library is lit at night until about 10pm. It's the one with the bouncy-floor. The "walls" if you can call them that are kinda low, but they are good for practicing precisions on since there's about a 5-6 foot gap between them. You can also practice rolls there since there is a soft floor and dive rolls/jumping into rolls and do some good conditioning. The other side has some rails & a few benches too and might be lit on that side as well, but I mostly train on the spongy-floor side. That's not too far from your place either. That's the only place I know if that is very well lit at night.
UC Berkeley has many night spots. Looks like Laney might be good also.


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