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We would like to ask participating BApk members, who consider themselves regulars, to contribute somehow to the success of our afterjam party donating a dish, or contributing elseway.

We thought most of our guest would enjoy any of these, so if you feel you can bring it, please post it and we'll write it off to you.
It's ok to ask for family help.

- Potato salad
- Pasta salad
[Marisa for 6/8]
- Dip
- Veggie plate (celeries, carrot sticks, bell peppers, etc.)
- Bush's Baked Beans (Vegetarian)
- Cheese plate
- Baked beans
- Chips
- Fruit Salad
- Pie
- Fruit and random goodies
- Icecream ("badass") [Bio]
- Brownies
- Cookies

(more may come, and feel free to suggest anything else)

Bring your food donations with you to Battery Godfrey where they will be collected.

Also, if anybody has:
- clean painter-type rugs or beach blankets, and
- big coolers [Hillexallen]
we would love to borrow them... (pls. post accordingly)

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There will be coolers with Ice. Steve might be housing stuff that people bring like Ice Cream for most of the bring it! Worst case scenario we have milk shakes :)
Fruit, random goodies, and (badass) icecream are now on the list...
Ok I've purchased several cans of Bush's Baked Beans (Vegetarian).. what's up with pots/pans? I'm traveling by bicycle and can't carry too much..
...we'll have container bowls and spoons; for cups we'll have to use plastic glasses.
I grabbed one of those boxes of salad at Costco. Anyone have a bottle of salad dressing hiding in their pantry?
Will you guys be there until 8:00 pm? I'm trying to get home early from Napa b4 this thing ends, but I'm not sure yet. If I can convince my parents to go I might be able to bring some cookies or something, though it'll be at the end. I'll try to confirm this asap... too bad i miss the whole day of hard work to go there with grub!!
Niko bring the beans. Marisa bring the salad. Once we know what we got, we can always find a pot, can opener and Salad Dressing..There's lot's of little stores on Clement St that are super inexpensive...We'll figure it out...
Its hard to say how long we will be at the BBQ...just call someone and check in.
just wanted to say THANK YOU. my stomach was full and my company was fantastic, what more could be asked.. ended on a high note for sures.


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