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We would like to ask participating BApk members, who consider themselves regulars, to contribute somehow to the success of our afterjam party donating a dish, or contributing elseway.

We thought most of our guest would enjoy any of these, so if you feel you can bring it, please post it and we'll write it off to you.
It's ok to ask for family help.

- Potato salad
- Pasta salad
[Marisa for 6/8]
- Dip
- Veggie plate (celeries, carrot sticks, bell peppers, etc.)
- Bush's Baked Beans (Vegetarian)
- Cheese plate
- Baked beans
- Chips
- Fruit Salad
- Pie
- Fruit and random goodies
- Icecream ("badass") [Bio]
- Brownies
- Cookies

(more may come, and feel free to suggest anything else)

Bring your food donations with you to Battery Godfrey where they will be collected.

Also, if anybody has:
- clean painter-type rugs or beach blankets, and
- big coolers [Hillexallen]
we would love to borrow them... (pls. post accordingly)

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I can make pasta salad for 6 - 8 people and was planning on picking up a case of Gatorade (or some equivalent) at Costco.

Also, should someone getting plates/cups/utensils?
Thanks Marisa!
You just won the first spot in line at the hamburger kiosk...

We'll source cutlery and tools centrally to make sure nothing is missing, but thanks.
Yum, I do love me some hamburger.
should i start to get cups and plastic cutlery??? im pretty sure i can get half of what we need g man u know how quick i get stuff...
Who has big coolers sitting in their garage that we can use?
I have coolers that should work. I can also bring ice if my dad approves.
Cool. Sent you a PM.
...TWO days only to the MWCJ BBQ and... time to make up your minds!

PLEASE, if you plan on donating something (unless you did that already here, in which case: "thank you!"), post it here ASAP, to avoid duplications...
...unless the duplications are of monetary donation ;)
I'll try to hit up the farmer's market that morning before I come in. I can get fruit and some other random goodies.

Chris/Alex, what's the cooler situation? If there are coolers with ice, I'll bring in some really badass ice cream.
If there are not coolers with ice, I can probably scrounge something up to enable the bringing of badass ice cream.
Please make this badass ice cream happen


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