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Last minute Training Sessions!! Check to see whats up Randomly!!

...this is the upgrade of Aero's original thread (retired after a year and a half of honorable service, 27 pages of "last minute training sessions", and 324 posts "checking to see whats up randomly", but still containing a lot of valuable info):

"Bored and want to train today? Check this thread and go meet up.
A time, place, name and number seems to work best for this type of situation..."


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Please be advised that the Yerba Buena Gardens have been considered off-limits to traceurs for the past 2/3 years (as shown in BApk's training map, people have been systematically "kicked out").

Private security (w/o uniform during daytimes) is patrolling the area; they are typically low-key and would only tell you to stop practicing there.

It would be interesting to see how they react to a small group of only traceuses.

might get somebody to cover my 5:45 class so i can come.

i know alot of good spots around the outskirts of the infamous "off-limits" boundaries we can use if we get kicked.
OMG yerba buena has so much cool stuff!
...yeah, we know that.
:\ (<- lol!)

How did it go?!?!
Not exactly last minute, but is anyone interested in training at the Yerba Buena Gardens tomorrow evening? It's not supposed to rain and the last time we went there we hardly got bothered and founds some great spots. Meet at say, 7pm at the Gardens just outside the Metreon?
YBG yay; Presidio nay :P i like the earlier timing better though, unless the point of 7p is to wait until the mob leaves
Yeah, I get out of work fairly late and so like starting later, also, the crowds definitely thin out at YBG after 7. If people want to go to YBG earlier then please do so, but I most likely won't be able to show up until 7. People who plan to come earlier please post phone numbers so I can find you guys when I get there!.
dont go before 7 and blow it up for the people coming later.
see you guys at the gardens at 7. SVNtreeTOOsexWONateSVNninerNINERate
I'm down 7 fine by me
Would love to, but this week i can't. YBG looks soooo great! Let's meet up there again sometime.
Thursday 3/11, 5:30/45 to 7:00PM Presidio, or anything West-of-Van-Ness/North-of-Market.
Can pick-up and give ride there, but not back...

9uan7tree7uan4faiv9tree (txt preferred)

[this is a separate deal from the YBG/7:00PM... can't do that 'cause I have to be somewhere at 7:30]


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