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I have been made aware of this post from the admin of the other local pk site:

"We have heard from some people that they haven't been improving although they've been going to the BAPK sessions for 6+ months now, so we are trying to figure out a way to provide a more structured, progressive solution. not to mention its something we've been talking about here for quite a while. These beginners classes are the first step, so trying to figure out how we can expand.
i dunno, just thinkin out loud here.

This is a disgusting thing to say....and it is rather telling. First of all, the number of people training regularly with BAPK for the past six months is very small. It consists of the core members of the community, and I cannot fathom any of them saying something like this to Corndogg...most of them have never even met Corndogg. So, are the core members of BAPK running off to Corndogg to tell him how they are not progressing?....I highly doubt it. The people of this community know that it is completely open. They know that if they have a suggestion about the session, they can talk about it in public.

This is just more anti-BAPK propaganda from SFPK. Pathetic. Perhaps part of the SFPK clan encompassed in Cordogg's "we" obtained this information about our supposed non-progressing members somehow. I urge these "double agents" to come forward and speak up.

If you are the one passing this information along, then speak to us first! If you see a problem with our sessions, why not tell us? We are very open to suggestions. This community is for the people. Why run to someone else and talk about us?

I'd love to have a public discussion about this, if these people are willing to reveal themselves. I fail to see how someone could not be progressing with us though. We offer three sessions a week. 1 completely focused on conditioning, 1 focused on conditioning and technique, and 1 focused on conditioning, technique, and jamming.

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"slow" progression... not no progression...

sorry... wrong number... click.
yo this is complete B.S!!!! ive been doin PK for like 4 or 5 months on and off now and with the help from BAPK namely Kaos, Safe N Sure, Rift33, Seng, and Aero ive improved faster than i thought i could. My suggestion, Kaos, is to not have that or those people come forward, but better come to the Sunday jams and ask as many questions as possible. This is the way i learned and one of the best ways to learn fast. Also, it may not be BAPK's fault that certain peoples physical ability is not at there best e.g sprained wrists, or ankles. Also people like me who are afraid of heights. That's my two cents and like you mention everyone here is titled to their own opinion, and as Safe had let me know a while ago "im listening." you guys here are the best and if you weren't around as organized as you are "because SFPK is totally unorganized" i wouldn't be here proud of PK as i am today.
Fast progression=NO!!!
i find this ridiculous seeing as the only regularly held, beginner welcome events held at SFPK before was the very same ones we are having here. in fact the sessions here as a whole have all improved
Christ, the last thing anyone needs is people stirring the pot on low-grade drama.
Ignore and go about your business.
seconded. also it's not like we haven't bashed them ;) but what bashing is deserved between the two is an entirely different matter

everyone go have fun and train
...I share the same feeling of you both (...Bio and Haley, hence my synthetic post above...), yet rationally I understand that having hold 70+ "SF Weekend Training for Beginners", half of them under the old "jurisdiction", one may have a certain ownership pride, eventually the desire of getting some recognition, and -obviously- a reasonable dislike for gratuitous attacks.

Results are measured after a certain time of constant, diligent training... I think that 6 months may be even too little, but FOR SURE one beginners training is too short to talk/bash!

...which reminds me: when and where on this site have we bashed somebody?
If we did I, I want to apologize immediately...
Kaos and all at BAPK are keeping it real! I have progressed over the 2 1/2 months of training, I have also witnessed others progressing nicely. It is quite amazing actually. BAPK is doing it right.

You have friends here that support you and believe in the BAPK philosophy.
Do not focus on what others think of us. Stay focused on what we think of ourselves.
The last time they bashed us claiming our members were brainwashed we DID ignore it. This is more than just bashing though. I think its a mistake to ignore it. Its a mistake to let them get away with it. By doing nothing, it becomes "okay" in the mind of the public for them to act that way....and its not okay at all.
Well yes, point taken. He's probably exaggerating something he heard someone say, who knows?
I might be going to the beginner's session he's referring to (next Saturday at Cal), I guess I could just ask him what the deal is.
good idea
...hahaha ...yes, that we'll do it!

...ehm...sorry, I meant: great initiative!


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