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The topic came up earlier, and I thought I'd bring it up again. Some key questions would be:

How do we want to portray our community?

What message is the documentary trying to convey?

How and where do we want to distribute it?

Who is willing to contribute and what can they contribute?

These are just a couple questions to kick off the discussion, any other thoughts or questions about the documentary would be very welcome.

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Yup; spread awareness of what parkour is really about and get rid of the image that we're just a bunch of hooligans climbing walls.
Totally. That's the exact reason we're doing this.
For me, like Seng said, i think it shouldn't be a 3 step planned shoot. About the parkour footage.... Are we making a stunt video? NO. We are making a documentary!!! so000..... The action part is not as importatnt. Obviously we would want actual training clips TRAINING and PROGRESSION clips. Not just random kongs and let people know that we are not daredevils.

Quote SafeNSure

#2b "Parkour is good for you" (and, maybe, for the world)
#3 where grown ups will see it (educators, administrators, parents...)


I also want some kind of community service in there. Seriously.
I also would strongly advise the emphasis on the Clean up (Leave no trace policy), Since that is what is going to save us from getting the same reputation as skateboarding did. Also we want to show our responsibility....etc... And esp. how we work up to things.

Maybe even a little bit of history behind Parkour and Interviews..... Ohhhhhhhhh that would be LOvely! :)
We definitely need a lot of training and progression clips; and maybe bails, too, to show that we're human and we fail every now and again. However, showing progression over and over may not keep people's attention. I think maybe we should show an impressive kong or something (to grab the viewer's attention), then show all the steps progressing up to it.

As for the clean up event, maybe we should get another thread started up to plan that too?
I think a video thats chock full of training and progression clips will be very boring, especially progression clips, no non-parkour audience would find it interesting for more than a couple minutes, and would be more anti-promotional for parkour. I mean seriously, almost everyone here decided to do parkour because they saw some cool youtube video or watched casino royale or something... a training video just isn't going to cut it.
Now, I'm not advocating a video where you're just showing off reckless tricks and stuff, but it has to display the fun, exciting, and awesome parts of parkour; at the same time, it must truthfully display what we do, potentially what people can do, and most off all, dispel the common misconceptions about parkour.
It has to show the dedication of the practitioner. IFf it is not, then that video is a complete waster of time. There is enough stunt videos on youtube. We DO NOT want to impress the viewer. It should be an educational film
Yeah, we'll have cool things, but make sure we display exactly how much work goes into that one movement. Because the videos on Youtube are basically highlight reels, there is no sense of hard work involved. I think a couple non-parkour related shenanigans every now and again would be good too, to help keep the viewers attention and at the same time make a statement about our community.
The proper way to do this is to show the multiple failures and attempts, the working up to moves, drills and such interposed with the actual moves themselves. This means we would be filming our less experienced members just as much as our experienced members, to document progression as well as the end results.
I don't think we should add shenanigans because that is part of what got skateboarding a bad reputation.

We need to make this "parkour propaganda" lol
By shenanigans, I meant having footage of the community having fun, possibly some joking, maybe helping each other up after a fall, sharing snacks, etc. Showing some sense of community.
Oh, ok. I thought you meant like random people shouting stuff into the camera and yelling random things in public lol
Yeah, we need to show exactly what we do, the pain, the dedication, the work, and finally, the awesomeness. The question now is the audience and the purpose of this video, is it for traceurs or soon-to-be tracers? is it for average people? is it to promote parkour? or is it supposed to define the parts of parkour(ex. training, progression, dedication)?


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