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we are often seen as a group of teenagers jumping around for no apparent reason..... Often some traceurs disrespect property

Lets try to be as respectful as possible- and lets set guidelines or rules that do not permit us to jump on memorials.... Graves.... places of worship.... Not toooo many roofs.... So- any ideas? As of me- these are my role models....

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i dunno. i do love me some of them ol' gothic churches we got in the city. never gotten talked to (even at the nob hill one by the park).

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm rooves......almost sounds french. rooooooooooooooooovves
Dont train at the nob hill one- thats were the Tadlos Clan is fighting for the reputation- we made a rule- that Tadlos cannot touch the Cathedral- but everything else .... So please
wow, that seriously pisses me off, i hate when people use Parkour as an excuse to be delinquents, and just disrespect private property.
Whatever i train on, i KNOW that it's public and no one really owns the place.
It makes me more mad that they have exactly no idea what Parkour is, and they don't understand the amount of dedication that us regular teenagers like Kirill and I do before we try a new vault, or progress. Parkour is not just jumping from rooftop to rooftop and running away from the police, it's a discipline which uses all of your muscles to get over, under, or through an obstacle in the case of an emergency,
I seriously am mad at those people who mock what we all do.
I share the same feeling- so what can we do?- exactly- start asking for permission and we need to stop jumping on respectable objects- Just like the Cannon at Crissy field- near the ymca :)
well for me, i just don't touch anything that could offend anyone, and if I'm warned the first time, i don't do it again.
Simple, easy.
Here is inspiration to all of us-
which one?
The make a wish one...and Parkour Generations as a whole
I promise to stay off that Church :) Google map link me so I know which one to stay off of...actually I never train at churches period...its just a bad idea. - Thats the Cathedral - This is the address- 1100 California St, San Francisco, CA. O yeah- Can you please enforce Respectfulness among us ;) ?
? what the hell are you all talking about......?

give up a place that has never SAID A SINGLE WORD while i train....?

yeah im not gonna go double kong down any grave rows or nothing but a building is a building. im not catholic (raised but dropped), so its just a building. I dont USUALLY BREAK alot of stuff (well except lately) or mark it up so what does it matter?

I mean you can chose to NOT do what ever you want, but dont make it a Parkour rule persay. Think about the dame du lac or whatever. David belle made sweet pk love to that thing all day long but it was A PIECE OF ART. I would be more worried about offending something like that than some sweet pk architecture on a "building/church"

This is a liberal place (SF). More spiritual, less religious for many...

Yeah so as long as I dont break anything, I can still sleep well.
i agree. i'll train wherever, and whenever, until i get kicked out. No disrespect to you Taldos.


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