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So alot of you guys know im a last minute kinda guy most time. Here is where i'll post up the random training sessions or practices that come up last minute. Bored and want to train today? check this thread and go meet up.

A time, place, name and number seems to work best for this type of situation.

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..and then there's capoeira--$15 for first two sessions:
Wed 7-830p
Aceituno Arts Cooperative
2141 Mission Street, Suite 200 (b/w 17th and 18th)
San Francisco, CA 94110
Yay - come to Capoeira!
Well no usf = me at capoeira

Duper go check out the school that just finished construction at San jose and Randall

I want that to be Sundays spot. It's sick and good for newbies...
That's Fairmount Elementary.. they just finished a wheelchair accessiblility project in this parking lot with ramps with several rails.. looks like fun for all levels
Yeah. Ive had my eye on that place for years but that new rail set I think sealed the deal on its being designated a legit sunday spot...
(Lol! I think we exhausted the space for 'drilling down' a post...)

LOL! Incredible... I saw that spot y-day(!) and wanted to stop and take a picture, but had no more batteries...
I also thought it's a bit out of the way for Sundays, which instead it's not completely true (BART on the 25th or Glenn Park), and maybe a bit too 'on the street' (-> visible), but then again it's pretty deep Mission...

Check it out; see if there's more stuff!
Wandering again around 5. Probably stay close to "home" (Mtn. Lake Park, Surtro, Presidio, etc.) unless someone has a better suggestion.
5:30pm tonight @ SFSU. Intended for experienced tracers, organized by Andrey so expect lots of reps and detailed work.
Will be up within today...
Doing some training in the Milbrae area today. Small spots, good for personal training. Welcome to join me ^^

six five zero. five one five. eight four three two.
Sorry dude, forgot to post the time.
6:30pm at 9th & Lake (mountain lake park) with Andrey - tonight.


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