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So alot of you guys know im a last minute kinda guy most time. Here is where i'll post up the random training sessions or practices that come up last minute. Bored and want to train today? check this thread and go meet up.

A time, place, name and number seems to work best for this type of situation.

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im going to go train tonight at Sloat for a bit and then hit up CCSF ( havent been in awhile)

i'll be there around 8 or so (Sloat) and will probably hit up ccsf right after or later tonight.

949.677.9507. to come kick it
...the kind of wham-bam-thank-you-Ryan?
Ok... that may work better than a regular parkour "date", I guess... at times...

Impractical to set up in a schedule, the billboard system should work allright.
But as a word of advise, even though you're unbreakable, don't prejudice the "regular" sessions for a quickie on the side...

...actually, maybe I should stop it here, lol!
(Sorry... if it's inappropriate I'll delete it...)
haha i know what you mean. my knee is better from the relay but i was pissed i couldnt make it to orems last jam on sunday cause of the relay recovery.

this is pretty much how the sloat sessions got started on sfpk so i know people are down to just show up and train sometimes. I'll be sitting here at home bored, see a youtube video, and be pumped and out the door before i know what hit me. kinda like a withdrawl of sorts....
So I was at Sloat tonight from 6:30 to 7:15...did some sweet alligator pit...I thought people were coming. Did I miss something?
me and jason and zach were there from about 715 till about 845-9. Silly chris, NIGHT training....
...silly, but!
I'm no swiss, but didn't you say 6:30-7:00?

Anywaaaay... did you get your avatar pic?
no but i think i want it to be the kong over the white ledge and gap at sloat. its the only thing "worthy".

Training at ocean beach today. (flips, mega vaults off the seawall) between 330-430 today.

Sloat tonight? late? around 830? 9496779507 yep
...sorry still beaten from yesterday's Acro!

Tried a new mental trick to extend my kong (or actually "to upkong my monkey"!), which I'm describing here... no big deal for you, Mr. Kong, or all the 'divers' out there, but a giant leap for me!
I'll have to verify it's efficiency outdoor... ={
it was pretty windy out there, i dont know how you train with flips and vaults there....... it screws me up.... am i just way too light?????, you're not too light.

Instead: strong winds, by penetrating your ears, affect your vestibular system, which is responsible for keeping your balance.

In fact the majority of sports where there is a strong flow of air hitting your head (especially randomly, not only frontally...) are isometrics, exercises performed in a static positions, rather than being dynamic (isotonic, with eccentric movements).
Thus you can see windsurfers, motorcyclist, skiers, high-speed snowboarders, etc. doing mainly strength efforts involving minimal visible movements in the angle of the joints, even when moving extremely fast.

Not the traceurs' case, in which we are involved in a very dynamic physical effort...
its just the flipping. i'm just afraid of(its happened before) jumping with a good momentum and getting blown off course in mid-air loooooooooooool
Not quite last minute, but tomorrow we're going to be jamming in Oakland for a few hours starting at 6. The main post is on the standing berkeley jam thread on sfpk but we will be training at this address: 6686 Chabot Rd, Oakland, CA

orem might be there for one last training since she and Andrea live around there, so you got another chance, ryan.

My number is 858-699-5008; I'm probably going to be biking over there so I may be a little late, dunno. Just call.


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