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There's a poll about splitting up the beginners' training sessions which are currently on Sundays. The poll is near the bottom of the main page. So, I guess we can discuss it here.

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Yeah, I agree. Sometimes I'm available on Saturday and not Sunday, and I would love to be able to go to a session every weekend. However, it's not the same without kaos and many of the others who come regularly. of the aspects we have to consider is that keeping having brand new, inexperienced, people joining in (at an always higher rate) the same session we have been running for a year and a half, may have more consequences that the ones mentioned in the post -namely: less concentrated/effective training and a much higher likelihood of getting kicked out of an area-:

I'm thinking about people being intimidated by the more advanced level, both technical and of the conditioning that we should be doing...

Two sessions would give us some options, regardless who leads them and where (if we all abide to that certain spirit of the classes started by Kaos)... maybe some of the 20+ that attended the two recent GWHS sessions could chime in on that...

Not having always the same coach/organizer/session leader should not be an insurmountable obstacle, and neither finding different spots...

My 3 cents.
Yeah, I voted to not add any sessions, but now I changed my vote for adding a session on Saturday. I think it would be awesome if we could find someone to lead a Saturday session, and maybe a new place somewhere else in the bay area. Maybe Sloat (after we deal with the issues there) or Capuchino. If we did that, the sessions would be available to way more beginners. Maybe if we made a new session at Capuchino on Saturdays, we could combine that session with the one that the URPK guys do. Just a few ideas.
I have confidence that people will carry on what is good about the Sunday sessions into another session regardless of whether or not I am there. More sessions is better in my opinion. Among the other things listed, it basically gives people more options. Thats a good thing.

Can't we get that poll posted at the top of this thread?
...naaaa, unfortunately.
Launching the poll in a separate forum thread was the first thing I tried...

For some reason only separate "text boxes" are widget-allowed.
I like the idea of having a session on each weekend day. I agree with most of the reasons already posted so I won't repeat.

How about if Sunday continued to be at GWHS and Saturday became the moving session for a few reasons:

1. explore new places, adapt to new obstacles
2. so folks outside of SF can (in some cases) drive/travel less
3. try new things on Saturday, continue working on fundamentals or coaching Sunday (and not feel bad about not maximizing movement practice every session)
4. taking on the role of host can also help people get comfortable with leading sessions

I wonder about how we'd divide on skill level and experience. From what I've seen so far, folks have been doing in naturally and constructively, which is great. I don't think we should discourage novices at the weekend sessions, esp. if they can only make one day; I think noting whether a session will be free form/structured/intermediate/conditioning focusd/etc is another discussion which I'm sure we'll embark on in the future.
To add to 4. The host does not have to be a coach...they can be simply someone who shows up.
i think thats a great i dea, however, i think sundays and saturdays should be switched since most places are closed or will have less security on sundays thus making it easier for us to do sunday jams without getting kicked out of a place... and plus wash is usually a non secured place so we can always be there on any given weekend... juss my thoughts...
I agree with what msgr33 is saying.
...yes and no.
One of the goal of adding another session, is reducing the group...

i.e.: if one would not be able to show up for both, better!... lol!
Not that it would be forbidden, but we would try to make two very different sessions: one geared to exploring/improvising, and another more to training condition/basic skills...

'Cause Sunday at SFState we were 22... and I could count at least another 10 "regulars" missing from the top of my head... AND we would like to continue seeing new faces...

The need to do something is pretty obvious.
...poll results as of today August 8, 10:30AM

...18 voters.
We have more people at one session...

Please, if you have been at least at one training, you should have an opinion...
Make sure you let everybody know about it!

Take a second and cast your vote in our first poll. (main page, far bottom, below the blog starters)
We don't need kaos to train (kaos does help but we can't put 2 jams on him and expect him to be able to have the time to run both) unless he wants to witch is what we all want but we have to ask the man him self. We could take what we learn from him on sundays and practice it at other jams


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