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Just to warn all,A few weeks ago at sloat the cops kicked us out and told us to tell every one else not to pk at sloat any more or they will arrest us cuz they said there were sick of telling us (lol).....But 4 real be careful!!!!!

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Replies to This Discussion the whole story in the 8/3 thread here.
So, no Sloat period, or just no going on roofs? Sloat is great. I've only been there once, so I hope we don't lose it completely.
...traceurs are not the ones banning spots, so this question should be asked to the authorities.
But reading the thread, while taking some time, may save from a lot of bad time.

Remember that wherever we go and whatever we do, we should be responsible for our acts.
Awareness of the risks is key to know what's worth risking and what not.
...again the whole story of what happened on August 3 is here, but I would like to "chime" in on the whole "reclamation of public spaces" issue raised during the Sunday Street demo.

Last Friday, on a foggy/chilly PM, I checked Sloat, mainly to see if someone was there at all, since it wasn't inviting...
As usual (at 6:00PM weekday), no kids on the play structures, only a little girl biking with her dad watching, and a street hockey guy training (or waiting for his buddies)...
I almost immediately left when I noticed this (click pic for larger view):

I did see this sign before on middle-schools playground opening their b-ball courts to the general public, off-hours and on weekends (usually not more than one basket is used aside certain times Sat/Sun).

But seeing it at Sloat, after all that happened, was a bit of a shocker!
After all, following this "Shared Playground Initiative" spirit, every week end we "take 20/25 children and adults off the street and put them to work for 3-4 hours, preserving them from unhealthy practices..." (<- LOL! But, partly true...).
And we could do much more if we had some support in using public spaces, and train people for free...

Maybe this could be tied in with the "what can the city and the mayor do for us" talks and the possibility of having regular outdoor classes for children an adults mentioned last Sunday at the beginners training...

Is it only me dreaming, or we may have an opportunity here?

pls. note that they didn't mention "shared roofs"...
So as long as I come along, we're fine!
not really sure what part of the notice was making the area a no go zone. If you are refering to the part about no adults without children that is a california state law that has nothing to do with adults playing on the playground.. The aim is prevent predators from roaming parks and "making friends" with children.

I understand that we definitly don't want to step on any toes, but i thought i would clear up that little fact. Let me see if i can find the CPC section.

Yup found it CPC 653g. It addresses loitering with the intent to commit a crime. As our activities are niether loitering, nor criminal, that rule is not dirrected at us (or if it is can be easily fought).

Again I say I think we should respect those wishes since we do not wish to antagonize anyone, but just so that everyone understands what that last bit means.
Haha- those infantile Policemen haven't created laws against PK yet! Whohohhooho!!
not infantile. And the policemen aren't really the ones who make laws. Judges and legislature make laws.
...attention: misunderstanding!
I didn't post the notice in reference to the "no go zone" situation; I don't event think this sign was up, when the cops showed up at Sloat (which has been their "standard" practice since sfpk very first monthly jam in January 2008...).

I was trying to suggest that we could ride the populistic attempt of our dear Mayor, who launches a "Shared Playgrounds-Community Hubs Initiative" to provide more "open space for our children and families", while we (a community), made out of the most ethnic, gender and age diverse people (children, families, etc.), in search of a place to practice (a hub), are constantly asked to move along...

Sin: can you locate the ordinance/joint partnership agreement mentioned in the notice?
do you want me to see if i still have connections in the mayors office, the luitenant of the sfpd, or the govenors office to talk about creating a place fot pk?
...should we say "Lol!", or "we need to talk"?!?
a place for pk...sounds like a dream except better


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