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Enjoy your Parkour spots until you can...

...and I'm not referring to other mayhem I have addressed previously, or to the fact that you may not be living around the same area (including the Bay's) forever, or you may even -God forbid!- quit Parkour (GASP!). :)


I just noticed that our urban surroundings change as much as our natural ones.
If you wait enough, urban planners, speculations, or road and facilities improvements will take away that familiar spot that you really used to like.
And I know that "the world is our playground", but some of us happen to love some corners of that playground better than others (that came out a bit creepy... lol!).


So it goes with our next week training location Lower Presidio: we have been training here forever, and discovered a pretty unique semi-covered area for training in rainy days, when the old freeway ramp to the GG bridge was still standing. That is gone by quite some time, and other two close-by areas that we liked are getting a complete makeover.

See for yourself:

This is what is left from the road that used to bring from the Presidio to Crissy Field center (closed, but still visible on the left).

The orange portapotty is where we used to train wallruns, at various heights, with or without that in-between lift.

The area was nicely portrayed in Just Steve's video some (good) time ago:

And where did the building visible in the video go? Demolished?!?
(Yeah, the one with the never-ending handrail, which we discovered later, but had learned to work with so well...)
Nope, only relocated 200 yards South (AT A 90 DEGREES ANGLE), prodigal preservation engineering feat for sure.
But I'm afraid the rail is gone.

Of the 7 "stations" dotted in red in our location thumbnail, 3 are gone, and one we didn't even get it in there before it was gone.

Oh well, enjoy your Parkour spots until you can...


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Comment by Bay Area Parkour on July 13, 2013 at 10:46am

...interestingly enough this was addressed already 5 years ago.

Nothing changes: everything changes.



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