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June 21
Mmmm another UCLA session. I thought it was going to be a small group, but I show up and it's a party, felt like 20 people. I was shocked because half the crowd I didn't know, gym newbies, and the heat wave we're experiencing has been unforgiving. At 12:30 it was already high nineties or in the hundreds. I was sweating driving there, and here were all these people for their first or second time ever training outside.

Jo, King, and Brian were around, already leading the group. Jo was showing some of the girls alligator qm, while Brian was precisioning and King vaulted. King also took the time to go over wall climbs, but it wasn't long before we were heading for Jamba Juice. It was just brutally hot. It felt like I should constantly be applying sunscreen, and I think I drank a small lake's worth of water plus my jamba juice during the day. Is SF going through the same thing??

We stayed at Ackerman Union for a while, vaulting the lovely assortment of walls and rails sprawled around it. I had no qualms being there for so long, it may be my favorite spot of UCLA. We were there for two hours, teaching turn vaults and kongs - Rick is so happy, he's finally able to get kongs - cat balances and under bars. Most of the newbies left us during that time, so we were down to a usual group of 8 or 9. Then I suggested going to the alumni fountain, cause I hadn't been there in forever (forever = months).

There's a cat here I'm still too nervous to get. No question I have the distance jumping, but catting that far.. I see hyperflexing. Plus it's over water, so I don't have a good way to work up to it there. I need to measure it and practice somewhere else... like the covered staircase... hmmmmmm. Anyway excerpt from the day:
Brian: "Look, that guy just got it. Are you gonna let him show you up?"
Me: "Got what? The cat? IT'S NOT A COMPETITION."
Brian: "Yeah but... sure it is, come on :D"
Me: "Nope, not a competition."
Brian: "Hey King, he just got it, shouldn't Haley?"
King: "Different strengths, dude."
Me: "Aha! See!"
King: "However, you've gotta DO stuff to get better and train so you're gonna DO IT. GO."
Me: "Aw man.."

Heheh, I'll get it soon enough =P

My day ended halfway through cause while I was finally doing some kongs outside above waist height, I cracked my knees on the third one, and my right knee took it pretty badly. I was pissed, at the end of the day everyone felt tired and I had a huge amount of energy left to burn. I iced my knee immediately after it happened, and the rest of the day and night, and prayed I didn't do any long term damage to that precious joint. Other than that, fun scorching day.

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