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May 13
Monday I hopped in my car to drive down to Irvine to visit some poor saps I know still in class ;) Actually they're dear friends I’ve known since elementary school.

Monday night was about good food, music, and Speed Racer (never seen so many colors in one movie as I did in one millisecond of that movie), but Tuesday morning was full of lectures and things. One class on my Summer break was all I could take, so the rest of the day I opted for exploring the UCI campus and training.

I’d watched the UCI traceurs’ video on pkcali, but I didn’t want to limit myself to what I’d seen, so I just went around as I pleased. I came across a neat series of waist-high walls that were barriers between a stair way and two vine covered planters underneath other stairways that then were divided from grass on either side. So it was a run of grass, wall, vines, wall, cement, wall, vines, wall, grass. Now that I look back it was an excellently varied run of terrain; however, while I was training it I just liked it so much because of all the vaults. It’s hard to find a straight line like that with all the vaults the same width and not terribly high or low. I also had the luck of finding pretty stable scaffolding I got to play around on for half an hour :)

Had to cut things a little earlier than I would have liked because I found a slightly inclined 50 ft rail cat crawl I couldn’t pass up, and 30-35 ft through I had matching blisters on each hand on the skin of the palm over the thumb muscle. It hurt too much to keep going, and I thought they were going to rip :S I did a few more vaults and wall climbs (my wall runs are getting better, more stick :), a little conditioning, but I didn’t want to agitate things much. I’m hoping they’re the start of some good calluses.

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Comment by Chris on May 14, 2008 at 6:16pm
I don't usually go for movies like that...but my buddy did drag me to Iron Man which was surprisingly entertaining.

Good work on that rail! I highly recommend doing that sort of thing as much as possible. It will really pay dividends later on.

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