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August 9

Good news: I've surely improved. Bad news: not hit my goal yet. At least in this certain obstacle :P

Basically I can grip the top of the med center wall every single time now, but when I try to hold on all that happens is I lose skin. I even hung there for a second once. But inside my hand little bites of flesh were disappearing and I finally quit for the day so I'd have energy to do other things and hands that weren't too sore. This means I only have one more session to get the wall before I leave for school. Well, at least doing things at the last minute is something I'm used to.

The med wall thing kind of overshadowed the rest of the session in my mind. Besides that Rick and Tay lead some rounds of conditioning at the "new" spot, the french dude Valentin trained with us again (he'll be leaving LA a few days after me), and Little Lucas brought along one of the San Diego guys who was staying with him (pksd, I forget his real name :D). Also we ran into some of the downtown pk group who joined us for a bit. I dunno it was a fun session, I don't have much to write :) I'd rather take a moment to plug Lucas's new freerunning trailer. He's 13 if you're wondering.

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Comment by orem on August 13, 2008 at 4:35pm
lol just family trips i'm pretty sure. his father does a lot of the filming though, you can tell he's proud :]
Comment by SafeNSure on August 13, 2008 at 7:43am
NUTZ!... This kid is awesome...
Aside from being a flipper (which in these Olympic days is not impressing me THAT much, but still... bang!), his determination and intention on all runs is quite impressive.

But the biggest question is: how does a 13 year old gets from Santa Monica to SFState?!? This guy must have some parent that strongly believes in what he's doing (as, I'm sure, some of our regular teens...).
Are these parents available to be involved or semi-officially endorsing the discipline if needed? (when talking to schools, administrations and such...)?
Comment by Seng on August 12, 2008 at 6:38pm
Fun vid. That's SFSU @ 2:02-2:16 for those who want to compare their recent performance there.

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