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Started with the Wednesday Acrosports Parkour Group on the 16th, and hurt with soreness about 5 days after that - trained on Sunday at GWHS, Tuesday at Sloat and Wednesday at Acrosports again. If I can get running in 3-4 days a week, and parkour 3 days a week (those are the only training sessions, right?), I'll progress fairly nicely.

I want to get a powershot for before (now), while I'm still hilariously clumsy and after ( six - 12 months of training) vids.

Starting at acrosports is a nice edge. I push a bit harder because I'm fairly sure that I won't die there.

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Comment by SafeNSure on July 27, 2008 at 9:12am!...that sounds like a plan!
We LOVE overachiever, and if you can realistically fit in 6/7 trainings a week (including running), AND your body can take it (given that you look like in good shape already), that's great...

BUT, you may want to consider the following:
- the gym won't (very unlikely!) kill you, and probably you could train parkour techniques everyday there, even if you should account for some joints fatigue (i.e. wrists tend to overbend due to the squishiness of mats), as some minor toe jamming, ankle twisting and abrasions;
- the soreness from the outside sessions is more on the articulation than the muscular one from the gym; the first should be treated with more "respect";
- for overall conditioning your plan is great; specifically for parkour, though, you may want to substitute a running session with an upper body power session (weights training, push ups, pull ups, whatever your cup of tea...)
- running for parkour requires some sprinter training (high knees, suicide runs and all that good stuff)
- everybody knows his/her own body, but the important thing for progression in training is getting out of the "comfort zone"; i.e. I've always been a fan of daily microsessions (over 30', but within an hour), I always felt they would keep me fit and active at all times... with parkour I noticed I progressed better with two heavy sessions per week (gym/outdoor), and then working 2 (max 3) times on something completely different: running, windsurfing, hoops shooting, weights... that way I (pretty muchh) always recover from pk soreness and momentarily damage, while condition other groups of muscles, which eventually are going to help in the parkour practice.
Also that keeps me looking forward and craving more parkour, no matter the other daily options, physical condition, weather and such...
- shooting videos is a great idea: comparing to 12 months ago, I can reasonably say that I'm now practicing parkour outdoor ("tracing"?...) with a certain degree of confidence and speed, up to 6 feet from ground level, this IF I'm not really running for my life and IF I have an idea of the obstacle that is coming ahead... a year ago I was just poorly jumping on (low) stuff in the gym...
Interesting enough, 6 months ago I was doing some particular techniques better than I'm doing now (I think), but overall I definitely thread techniques better together now and add some speed to the whole run.
More interesting: I've seen peeps starting three months ago progressing faster, better AND safer than I did (and do)... everybody has his/her own pace...

You probably know, or noticed all this already, I just thought I pointed out...

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