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Another Ankle Update (last one, I swear)

It's official, I have a second-degree sprained ankle. The doctor told me i probably sprained it the first time around and then when I twisted it again, I messed it up pretty badly. I'm officially not allowed to run on my ankle for at least a month or so. (4-6weeks according to the doc) and that definitely means no parkour.

I'm pretty bummed out about it but I know if I try to test my ankle too soon, I'm going to hurt it further. I'm probably going to continue working my upper body… Continue

Added by Faye on December 21, 2008 at 2:50pm — 5 Comments

Ankle update - I'm going to be out for a while

I managed to re-injure my ankle at school today while it was raining. I twisted it and it popped even worse than I did at Acro. I can't even walk on it now and I'm pretty sure a visit to the doctor is in order now. I'm pretty sure this means I'm going to be out from doing pk for a while.

Just in time for my twenty-first birthday, tomorrow. Lame.

I might make it out some jams just to take some video footage. My dad gave me a digital video cam for my birthday and I'm itching… Continue

Added by Faye on December 15, 2008 at 9:35pm — 6 Comments

Injured and feeling like an idiot

First time I've been to the gym in more than a month, extremely happy that I got myself out of the house and looking forward to doing pk to get my mind off of the impending finals I've got. And I roll my ankle on the first run I do across the floor, popping something in my ankle. It's swollen up and now is bruised up the bottom part of my calf.

I'm super annoyed at myself right now. Let this be a lesson for all the kids, make sure you know exactly where you're putting your feet at… Continue

Added by Faye on December 3, 2008 at 8:32pm — 8 Comments

Random thoughts

I'm still new to parkour, I definitely admit that. My first session was literally a month ago at Sloat, one day before my archaeology final. (Which I know now was probably a bad idea since my quads were so sore the next day I was almost crying when I had to go down stairs, so sitting in a desk for two hours and ever time I moved, I winced...bad.) I remember seeing those parkour videos on YouTube and in movies/music videos, etc. and thinking "Wow...that's amazing. Too bad I'll never in a million… Continue

Added by Faye on June 18, 2008 at 10:29pm — 7 Comments

Yeah...I'm sore.

Kaos was right. I'm sore. Great idea to do the day before my finals. Owee.

I had a lot of fun though. I'll be at the beginner training jam the sunday after next or maybe sooner.


Added by Faye on May 20, 2008 at 8:01pm — 4 Comments

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