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Saturday was a little confusing with 2 different events going on at the same time. How do we want to organize the rotation to streamline event organizing? Should we have one person organize all events, or have specific people organize each event according to week and location (i.e. Tim and I organize Saratoga one week, Ryan organizes Sunnyvale next, Brandon organizing Vallco/3rd rotation the week after?)?

Also, what are people's thoughts on the third rotation? I'm assuming Saratoga and Sunnyvale are ok with everyone, since there haven't been any complaints so far, but Vallco has been a little rocky. If anybody can suggest another location or alternate solution, or if everybody is ok will Vallco, voice your opinions here.

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...don't forget De Anza!
South Bay session #0...
EDIT: Sorry about the wall of text... seemed shorter when I was copy/pasting it :/
Some places my comrades and I have listed on our facebook group, for your consideration:

Post #1
Brian wroteon April 5, 2009 at 8:56pm
Post your favorite local places to parkour and free run.

De Anza Park: Some nice walls, many are the perfect height for perfecting kongs. Some rails, picnic tables, a super large wall for wall running, and a few other useful parkour objects.

Memorial Park: For being so big, it has very few interesting parkour spots. Mostly, there are a lot of ledges, large wooden rails, and tables to practice some jumps, especially precision jumps, but not too much else. It's good for some training and practice.

Homestead: HHS is limited, but it's where we go to school, so we have to make something of it. The walls near the bleachers near the track aregood for training, plus some of the walls and stairs that lead to upper stories are good for climbing on. There are a few random ledges and things to try to kong (like bike racks), and you can normally try out some free running moves on lower walls. Be careful precision jumping onto the wall chest high right outside the cafeteria (that's where I fell and had to get stitches).

Post #2
Andy wroteon May 8, 2009 at 2:18am
Valley Fair: There's nothing good inside the mall. Plus it's crowded and there's security guards wandering around. There's a lone rail outside the Macy's.

Santana Row: Significantly better than Valley Fair, but still crowded (and some security) and far from ideal. There's waist and chest-height planters, long wooden benches (with backrests), and a few rails and stairs.

Whole Foods, Steven's Creek: Waist-height wall plus a few rails at the front, and a short staircase with rails in the back.

Panda Express, Steven's Creek: Rails and ramps.

Santa Clara HS: The track bleachers are very nice - metal with lots of stairs and rails. The campus itself isn't very good though; the lunch tables are slippery, and the few ledges aren't very ideal.

Post #3
Andy wroteon May 8, 2009 at 9:23pm
Bill Kuang's apt. Complex (Carl's Jr. area on Homestead Rd.): Inside the complex there's a ~12 foot wall (stucco material) with ~3 foot metal railings at the top. Very good for wall running since there's no obstacles nearby. There's also some stairs and grassy patches nearby.

Homestead Rd. and Belleville Way: There's a very short fence (due to a slope) you can use to get onto the parking lot roof. You can then jump from roof to roof and maybe gain access to other areas.

Post #4
You wroteon May 9, 2009 at 12:31pm
Los Gatos High school: (though somewhat far away) has a plethora of ramps, rails, and walls.

Saratoga High School: Lots of stuff, looks somewhat like Gatos.

Post #5
Andy wroteon May 11, 2009 at 2:38am
Bill Kuang's apt. Complex (Carl's Jr. area near HHS) - Update: The wall's actually ~8.5 feet and the railings are 3-4 feet.

Michael's Loading Area (Carl's Jr. near HHS): A short staircase (4-5 steps) with rails next to a wall. Also has rails next to a ramp for varying heights. Various ledges and thick, chest-height beams. Almost no obstacles/pedestrians nearby. Also has good walls to jump over (separates the area from the apt. complex).

De Anza College: Overall very, very good. Too much to explain in one post, but... All kinds of stairs, rails, ramps, walls, stone/wooden benches, gaps, trees, monuments, fountains, and platforms (some are adjacent to one another). Just be aware of other people and campus security (Brian and I went on a Saturday, and there was barely anyone there).

Post #6
Brian wroteon May 13, 2009 at 12:13am
I agree with Andy on De Anza College. Overall it's very parkour-friendly and I think near the TV building is a really nice area with sloping walls and rails.

Post #7
You wroteon July 9, 2009 at 3:37pm
Blach Middle School: Walls, rails, cement blocks for smoothing out kongs, long precision jumping opportunities with other cement blocks, picnic tables, etc. There's also an aqueduct deal behind the school which I've been meaning to scope out, but it's somewhat illegal to jump the fence and wander around in there...

Gunn High School: rails by the field which you can vault onto the track from, benches, tables, and more rails (waist high rails, long and short waist high tables) by the cafeteria there.

Post #8
You wroteon July 13, 2009 at 7:12pm
Willow Glen High school:
Very high walls for wall climbs, a nice area with head height (5-6 ft) walls, rails, multiple story stairwells, and a plethora of long and circular tables.
Holy crap dude, you've done your research. If you wouldn't mind, could you drop some of these spots down on this map?

Some pictures would be nice too, if you could manage them. Thanks a lot, I'll be checking out those places soon!
Couldn't figure out how to add stuff to that map, so I made my own for South Bay spots.
EDIT: Technology is not liking me right now... I'll fix the link later.
EDIT2: Technology and I found common ground and I could post the link. :D

pm me your email if anyone wants to collab on that map.
Stanford: has everything you'd ever need but has some security and there are aften students walking around but i doubt they care. also Gunn HS and Jordan middle school is alright


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