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So I'm new to parkour...but I have yet to master the basics...I can do things like flips, aerials, sorta cork screw, I can do most vaults but I am having trouble with the kong...I also can't do rolls, cartwheels, or handstands...I've only been training for a any tips? Also if there are any girls or guys in the 707 area to train with let me know.

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yes,there are many girls who do parkour on bapk. i'm one of them and yeah, i was a bit intimidated at first when i went to events where there were mostly guys. there usually a few girls who go though, so don't worry

check out this event (women's jam). it's led by Jodie and it is really, really awesome.

and join this group:

also check out sfpk for beginners' classes. i went to two of these so far and found them to be tremendously helpful
thanks...they're beginners courses are every second saturday of the month right?

that's the schedule for all sfpk events and yes, beginners' classes are always the 2nd saturday of the month

they usually post up a thread announcing it as the event draws near
I might show up in may with my team/crew...
one of my team members taught me...its sad though isn't it i can't cartwheel...T_T
"Surprisingly" no more...

These girls kick a$$!
I only say surprisingly because I'm one of the only girls in my area...but hey I'm glad there are others out there.
707 is petaluma right? I'm probably one of the closest you will find, down in San Rafael so if u know your going to be down here for a day message me or w.e.
707 includes Napa, Vallejo, I think petaluma and a few others...I'm not sure though...I live in Vallejo with my crew.
Oh, and Fairfield
fairfields 707?
haha i finally learned a took long enough...I wonder why i can't really learn the easy stuff but I can learn the hard stuff...oh well.


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