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I know we all consider ourselves beginner because everyone has something to learn =), but what do you guys/girls think determines a traceurs / traceuses skill. is it how long the can kong, the drops they can take, the amount of vaults they know, their ability to flow...???

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Yes, actually I was thinking I'd add to the list above:

10) Adaptability

Being able to overcome a wide range of obstacles in day or night, and different types of environments regardless of weather conditions especially when you've never encountered them before. This also involves good risk assessment as you need to be confident you know what's beyond this obstacle...
Not stuttering is as much about good fundamentals such as footwork, balance, risk assessment, adaptation as it is about committing to throwing ones weight. In fact, some stutter steps are quick and necessary adjustments to footwork to allow for a more effective takeoff or landing. Increasing power or willingness to huck onesself without proper fundamental technique is a short-sighted way to "improve".
Stutter will never be anything but slowing .

And stutters will never equal flow.

Beginners stutter and slow, advanced traceurs begin to find their steps.

Hucking oneself off a bridge is commitment but you need all the good stuff to make the commitment "strong and useful"...
a panel of 3 former traceurs... lol
I dislike hierarchies as well.

I think I'd add one thing to the list:

10) Adaptability.

Also, to me I've always taken "etre fort pour etre utile" to heart, but lately "etre et durer" has captivated my thoughts more. To be and to last. I started parkour right after I turned 28, and I'd like to be at it into my 50's and beyond. If Jackie Chan can, so can I. (Though he doesn't technically do parkour, many of his stunts employ the same techniques as we do.) In many ways the ability to last is the result of personifying the values on that list.

Good thread.
my power level is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!
^ haha. parkour super saians?
who the hell has a scouter?


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