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We have been talking quite a bit about this (AeroSF/Ryan and I had a looong thread going on artificial and/or portable obstacles in "another" forum...) and with the opportunity of this posting of mine on PKNA, I would like to re-gather all information in one thread, and getting the discussion going again.

I've dug out all the info for which we can claim some sort of intellectual property... lol... or that is in the public domain.

On BApk we talked about this topic on different threads:
- Parkour Vision
- Burning Man 2009 (equipment)
- Scaffolding Spots

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Kopenhavn, Denmark.
Click or search for the name in the link above.

Size- and strength- reference:

A lightweight three-dimensional structure made of aluminum piping in a cubical shape. It is a free-standing structure and does not require counterbalance. The bars can be lifted and moved by two persons with the assistance of a pair of rolling platforms. The bars can be completely disassembled and transported in a small truck or car.
Dimensions: 12 feet wide, 8 feet high, 8 feet deep. A layer of marley is used under the bars to protect the floor and prevent sliding.
Haley-"Orem" and Brian (aka "Mtn-Goat") came up with this idea about a human-sized version of a cat house or artificial tree-house...

which I find brilliant.
is there any way to watch this
...yeah: it has been mirrored here, but it looks a bit different.

(I hate this one, but very many people apparently not...)

Demo Space

Silver Spring, Maryland's "Zen Park"
I thought it was a graveyard for a split second.
Two famous examples in the US and UK:


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