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I have very bad eating habits, and was wondering if anyone had a good nutrition plan. I'd like to know what would be good for breakfest, lunch and dinner. Any help is appriciated.

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See food pyramid. lol

As long as you're drinking enough water then your system should be cleared from whatever crap you're eating.

So eat whatever you feel is right!

Just be sure that you can burn those calories in a week's time.

I count the caloric content of my foods as best I can, and try to keep it to 2000 a day when I'm inactive. I try to eat mostly lean proteins (unfried fish, nuts) and complex carbs (whole wheat, long grain rice) and vegetables. Make sure you get enough vitamins too, they're essential to healing and recovering from a workout. I'll usually add food in increments of 400 calories after a workout until I'm not hungry. Post workout, I'll allow myself beef or chicken.


I'm not an expert and I have been told I need more good fats in my diet to help build muscle, so take this with a grain of salt... haha


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