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I have been thinking a lot recently, and I think it is time that we start to do something about getting a good reputation for parkour and freerunning. I think that we have all promoted this cause, but we have not really contributed to it. I think that if we are passive about getting a good reputation for ourselves and our discipline, the media will eventually get the word out about parkour, and portray it as a "thrill seeker" sport. We will end up in the same situation skateboarding did. I think that we all agree that we don't want that.

So, instead of being passive, let's organize ourselves and get something going to save parkour and freerunning from getting a bad name.

Post your ideas here.

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Parkour-based community service would be awesome. I know people here are generally against this, but media coverage would go a long way to promoting a positive image, especially at an event like that.

Thanksgiving's a little too soon though, don't you think? Best to plan ahead so people can get their schedules in order. And to find a dirty place we can clean up that has a fair amount of obstacles.
Yeah, I subscribe too. However, that requires buying something, and money isn't always easy to come by. Although cleaning the environment is more than a worthy cause, we're trying to promote the positive image of parkour and not have a negative association with parkour like skating has. We're trying to clean up the image of parkour. ;) just reminded me that I wanted to "unsubscribe from these [commercial] announcements".
Or didn't you notice the infomercial connected to it?
Oh, wait, nevermind, I don't subscribe to announcements, only workout of the day. I check the site regularly, though, there's interesting stuff on there.
Indeed we should make a documentary, though i think if we shouldn't just be cleaning up after ourselves for the sake of the camera, instead we should always be active in "leaving no trace." We should start out small in terms of "creating a good impression of traceurs" because such an action takes a lot of effort and at such a large scale people tend to become paralyzed and end up doing nothing about it. So my suggestion is when we approach this we should try to think about doing "small actions with great love" :D than something larger

As for the documentary its a great idea!! We should start another thread to see who would be interested in helping creating it in any way.
I think that we actually have to do something big.
Well, I think the documentary wouldn't feature the clean up event, but it would be good content for it. I think most of us on the site are always trying to create a good impression of parkour. Although small things might create a good feeling between tracuers and the local residents, it doesn't quite get the message out to your average person, who doesn't see much more than the stunt videos on Youtube. The aim for a documentary would be to get to a larger audience that may have misconceptions about parkour and tracuers.
Of course.
why would it not feature it? Undoubtedly the documentary and clean-up are two different things. But we can incorporate some footage from the numerous community/socialist actions that are about to do into the film...YES Anthony already mentioned
Yes, let's incorporate some Socialist actions like giving people housing and healthcare.

Take time to learn what socialist actions are. Sorry for the slam ;P
I'm just kidding. I know what Socialist Actions are.

Pretty much making the world better ;)


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