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Inspiration from anything for everyone!!! (warning: videos...)

Every now and then, I find myself a little "short on my dough" and going to the Y-M-C-A doesn't help... (Village People, 1978)
That's when I turn to YouTube for something REALLY inspirational, and usually not-directly-parkour-related, yet parkour transferable...

I will post a couple of my favorites, asking you to do the same, if you wish (embed or link), but trying to avoid obvious repetitions, uninspired commercials and predictable vids.
Also, writing a line, a title, or the reason why you deem it inspirational is nice, as well as keeping comments brief and as direct replies to each individual post...
[This will also keep our video section free from non-pk clips...]

I'll start out...

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THE shit...

People around the world do this, and have been doing it, for the most various reasons:

Are we ready to grow up and answer the eternal question: "am I a Man or...":

...and if by any chance you didn't like it, then you're definitely a MUPPET!

And you're gonna love this...


This thread has been too serious for too long (...yes, and also just "too long").

There's a variety of ways to "win":

Perseverence and perhaps the greatest motivator of all: food.

...oh, wow!
Very interesting.

Note that is second attempt is by far better than the most of the appr.y 25 that follow.

Also, after just trying to "go for it" and "gutsing it out" for a while, one careful recognition/exploration is enough to make it happen at the first attempt of the second series.

Seems also it needed a break and refocusing from an "obstacle assessing" point of view, but also simply a physical/neurological point of view (neuromuscular synapses needed to recharge).

Am I reading too much into it?

Also, reminded me of this.

Better soccer than the one at the world cup for now...

The Matrix of Movement...

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