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Let's talk about David Belle's new film. Not the about story, or about the characters, but about the stuff that really matters - Belle's moves.

The particular one that really stood out to me was (and I'm sure you remember this too if you've seen it) Belle's gigantic leap from Leito's apartment complex to the adjacent building. Even after watching the segment again and again, I couldn't wrap my mind around the move. To try to clarify it for myself I did what any self respecting traceur would do: I drew a diagram.

that is a huuuge leap

Anyways, after I crunched the numbers I realized that this meant Belle had to survive an impact with concrete with a downward momentum of about 50 feet per second. He'd cross a football field at that speed in about 7 seconds.

To be honest, I'm not sure whether to be inspired or afraid.

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...nice drawing!

To David's move:
It's a movie... (= "made for money")
I don't think it is fake. Just because I've seen that same jump done in several different bits of film outside B-13 (news spots with Belle, other traceurs, etc.) I'm pretty sure they put it in the film because Belle could nail it.
I think he's talking about the huge leap in the most recent B13 movie, not the manpower gap.

I am pretty sure it's fake, I don't think the human body (even David Belle's) can deal with that much impact, and I think David is too smart to do something like that.
Oh, B-13 U. hah. Yeah haven't seen it yet.
would you like a copy?
Yes I would! Does it have subtitles?
its obviously fake, it makes no sense to have jumped that gap even in real life, much less for filming. and also in the trailer theres that part where he swings up and flys up into the next floor, which makes no sense at all.

While 1:20 is probably possible (clearly "cut&pasted" here, but I think somebody reenacted that on ground level, in some gym...),
1:32 (case in object) seems unlikely.


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