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I used to be a strong minded guy, things didn't get to me, and I was on top of everything. I was organized pretty well, I got my work done, lead a healthy life and was happy most of the time. Ever since I recovered from my depression that began at the start of the school year, I've been sleeping really early, sometimes even forgetting to brush my teeth, I'm easily angered and my moods are too sensitive, and I lack my old ability to really always have mind over matter. My schoolwork is being put off just a few hours before school (although I find the quality of my work is better), and I've been cut enough classes to recieve a warning letter for a withholding of my drivers license and a suspension. I wish I had control over myself. My passion had been drumming since I was young, but my cousin moved in, and her room is right next to my drum set. As the years went by, I played less and less because I hated asking someone to leave their own room. Now I hardly play once a week. Parkour's been a savior to me, I am commited to it on the weekends, and it's a source of discipline I enjoy in my life. the causes of my depression were numerous, but the main reason or cause, I'd like to keep private. Can you guys tell me what you think? Give me some suggestions? Thanks, I owe this community very much.

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Replies to This Discussion patient... "hang in"; a lot of things fix themselves with time.
Then again, make sure, you hold on to the things that you like most and that motivate you.

Try to fulfill your obligations at a regular pace; it will provide a much needed peace of mind to be able to pursue your real passions, allowing them to grow.

You are asking yourself questions, and the right ones, thus you are definitely on the right track...
I had the exact same problems at the beginning of the school year. I tried a few things that seemed to work:

1. Forced myself not to procrastinate.
2. Did my homework ASAP after I got it.
3. Took some time to think about what I need to do each day.

Maybe these things will help you!
do not let yourself be irritated.

Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.

I dont have much experience, and i really do not know what advice to give you.

If you can, try to make room for all of those activities.Maybe move, if possible, your drum-set?

I dont know,

good luck.
As the old saying goes, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Parkour is certainly an excellent pursuit and lifestyle, but what would happen if you were injured or otherwise unable to practice regularly? Would it go the way drumming did? It's natural to be very excited to the point of being obsessive about new activities, but I can tell you from personal experience that relying on one thing- especially idealizing one thing- is a sure way to lead to great disappointment.

Strength of mind comes from adversity- not from flowing over the little things but from handling the big things and maybe even turn them into possibilities. This is one lesson of parkour, of course, but not exclusive to it. Learn the lessons, don't idealize the teacher. Eventually, you may see that there is much to be learned from all parts of your life.
I've already injured myself while in that state of mind, so by all means I'm not percieving Parkour in that way. But your point in "learn the lesson, don't idolize the teacher." is something that's never been said to me. I'll keep that in mind, thanks. But this creates a controversy then, as you can tell, in many videos people say parkour teaches you how to overcome obstacles, how to do this, how to do that, I think everyone who does this has idolized it at one point or another. I guess they should give themselves more credit. Thanks again.
Agreed with Mssgr that the lesson is not exclusive to pk, and while I like the metaphor, I believe that with "don't idolize the teacher", it's always been meant a flesh&blood teacher.

But applying it to the whole discipline (as Magister Vitae, Life Coaching) is interesting, and I believe quite innovative.
*thumbs up*
One more thing:

Remember that in every problem there is an opportunity. So, maybe you can use this problem as a way to become a more disciplined person in general, and stay that way!


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