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If you've been involved in the SFBay area Parkour scene in the past few months you've probably already heard of Parkour Connections. We started PKC to create an organization to legitimize and consolidate the parkour coaches in the Bay Area, as well as develop a strong coaching program, build training equipment, and run parkour-related events.

We've done well over the last year, holding some huge events, birthday parties, workshops, outdoor classes, and a bunch of other things. Many of you have come out to help us set up, spot kids, and teach, and - I can't say this enough - we couldn't have done this without you. Parkour Connections was never meant to be just us. From the beginning, one of the major goals was to create a Coaches Association where we could share lesson plans and coaching ideas with other parkour instructors as well as spread what we've learned to traceurs who would like to begin a coaching career.

We're getting to the point where we feel we have enough information to share and enough events going on that we are ready to start a real Coaches Association, and we're inviting you guys to join in. This isn't for everyone; coaching is an entirely different skill than just doing parkour. While we expect parkour coaches to be active traceurs, we will also be stressing the importance of time management, kinesiology, safety, public speaking, group management and other skill sets that go beyond everyday training. We hope that as a group, we will be able to learn together and create highly effective coaches that can start a parkour program in any gym.

For now, please check out our site to sign up. We may not be able to accept everyone at once, but if you sign up we will get back to you with an application in a few weeks, and let you know how the Coaches Association is going to work.


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