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A communal brainstorming at yesterday's BApk year-end party generated a valuable effort to finalize AND produce a new shirt, updating the classic 2.0 version.

A dozen motivated (!) practitioners pre-selected (and modeled!) the "various" options below, which have all pros and cons, but gave us a chance of narrowing down a couple of points:

- this will be done in 2014, no rush, since we are not going anywhere, but let's get it done (!!);

- a pricey shirt (+/-$30)  is ok, provided it's very good quality/brand, and technical fabric;

- no cotton, unless a minimal percentage (15%) for softness, but probably not;

- no recycled material, which would be nice, but we'll recycle something else;  :)

- no sleeveless, or long sleeve shirt, or compression shirt, or loose fit; let's simplify;

- no white (gets stained), no black (heats up) shirts, no matter how cool they are;

- color will be depending on availability, but shades of blue: from baby-powder (unlikely) to dark blue, through blue royal, which is the existing color and (slightly) preferred;

- graphics will be white;

- we will shop for shirts on-line, based on above criteria, narrow down and post the final choices, have people select their size, pre-pay it, custom print them, and deliver them at sessions (phew!);

Next steps (goal is within January 10, 2014):

- defining graphics (separate thread here);

- selecting and posting available shirts.

Stay tuned and freely comment.

Sports Basement 2013 party pre-selection:

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I've  contacted Patagonia and we could order apparel through their team program. Check out these shirts:

Capilene 1 is very light weight and has good wicking properties. I had a short-sleeve (lost it kayaking) and have a long-sleeve version which I have worn a few times to Sundays and I like them. Maybe a little less durable than cotton when rolling on concrete, but a lot of ultimate teams use them for diving on grass so they aren't fragile.
Patagonia doesn't do the screenprinting, but there is a link to their recommended vendor on their site. With tech fabrics, I would want to make sure whoever we use has experience printing on the material. I will enquire about local printers and then we can determine final price including screen printing. When we ordered for my college ultimate team last spring, folks paid $30 for SS, $35 for LS, though the price may vary with quantity and markup (aka fundraising).

I'd take a large short sleeve one of these

Not trying to rep Nike but here is something to think about. Even on regular price, NIke has their fitted t-shirts at $22. They are on clearence right now and sold out. They are 100% polyester. 

this might be a better fit. I'll bring in a cut-off for you guys to see the material since i have hte sleeveless version. Darker blue as well.

I vote Patagonia.
Still working on this.
Stay tuned, but please express a preference ("me too!", "I wear a 15.25" neck...", etc.) if you feel so.


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