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The topic came up earlier, and I thought I'd bring it up again. Some key questions would be:

How do we want to portray our community?

What message is the documentary trying to convey?

How and where do we want to distribute it?

Who is willing to contribute and what can they contribute?

These are just a couple questions to kick off the discussion, any other thoughts or questions about the documentary would be very welcome.

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maybe we can have a notice ahead of time if we bringing camera to a training session where beginners may be because these beginner sessions have a lot of good stuff so don't close mind on those sessions
Ok, I'm actually going to buy a microphone by myself. It's a good one. I'll bring it on this day along with myself and my camera.
Here is the mic we will be using:

It looks like as soon as I get this mic, we will have all of the equipment covered!!!
OK. cool. Once you get it, ill hook it up with the umbrella
You will not. It wil be my mic, and I will have a windscreen for it. It has two different amplification levels too ;)
I'm very protective about my audio equipment and I don't want you killing it. lol
So you'll be the only one handling the audio equipment?
If anyone else wants to bring a mic, that's fine, but I'll e bringing this one in case nobody else brings one. I will also be borrowing a clip microphone for interviews, so we can get better sound on the interviews.

I'd just prefer for Kirill not to mess around with my mic.
Of course we will need a narrator or "voice over guy" for this project, as it is a documentary.

The person who is the narrator will not be interviewed, because it would sound weird to have the narrator's voice also in an interview.

Any volunteers? You can still be in the "action" part of the documentary if you decide to be the narrator.


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