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Our fellow practitioner Dimitri (rift33) was on Parkour Radio Sunday night, with a very intense -and nevertheless entertaining- interview.
Tons of valuable -and delicate- life, parkour and addiction survival insight!

Not for the faint of heart, but if you can handle it, here's a (RAW!) outlook on Dimitri's life 6+ years ago... (This contains some graphic (drug) images, and may be hard to watch. Please keep any comments respectful.)

[more sources: "Foo Foo Dust" film makers site, documentary trailer]

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I hope nobody judges me by this movie. when I watch it I see a whole different person,I don't see myself in any way. In fact this movie was one of the main reasons why change my name to Dmitri. I didn't want to be seen as that person even know it is me or should I say was me. But yeah one thing this movie does do is show you what drugs will cause you to become. It might be all fun and games at first but in the end and the matter how hard you try this is how you will end up. So don't do drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .......... stay with the parkour it's better for you your family and your friends! not to mention your life in general. One thing that does make me feel good knowing that you all can watch this movie now is to show you all how far I've come at least for me it's something to be proud of!!!....... so enjoy... And if you have any questions send them my way
Dimitri bro your an inspiration to people world wide... i believe i speak for the rest of the BAPK community when i say that we all respect you and welcome you as a brother... we all think highly of you for doing what you are doing... I ANY ONE THINKS A DIFFERENT WAY OF DIMITRI WILL PERSONALLY TAKEN CARE OF BY MYSELF SOME TRIAD FIENDS... IF you ever need anything bro juss come and ask.... keep doing what you are doing.... Much love to ya bro
- you are a different person,
- nobody judges you,
- you deserve to be proud...
oops ... I meant to take that link down. I probably should right Dimitri?...because of the rights?
no I think it's cool for a bit.I am the star and all. lol
Dimitri, If any one were to judge you, i'd personally think you're a HERO.
You've come so far, and It's so awesome to have a friend like you.
Hey Demitri. That was a Crazy Documentary. Sorry about all your stuff that happened. Youve pulled through so much man and are the best you could ever be, hopefully you can get off that Methadone too. Thanks to parkour this can help you continue your new start. As what John said, I'm happy to call u my homie anyday.
Listen man, you are who you are today, and that's all that matters. Just in talking to you at the jams it's obvious that you've achieved a hell of a lot in the last few years, and that's worthy of major, major respect.

I respect Dmitri, and it doesn't make any difference who the guy in the movie is.
I've always known drugs are terrible, whether they be natural or synthetic, drugs are harmful. I've never tried any and I've never planned to, I try to educate myself every day to better myself as a person. The first and I guess last time I met you, I had no idea initially. You're a good guy, likable, respectable, a gentleman if you will. Later that day I learned about your past from you and you shared with me among others how harmful all of this is and I've never thought less of you because of it and now after watching the documentary, I have taken away a life's worth of lessons. The strength that you have to overcome that addiction, I cannot even describe, parts left me with chills and others made me proud to even know you and to have even met you, is an absolute honor. There is no better word to describe you other than what pk_wow mentioned, you are a true hero.
Atlas wrote that pretty eloquently. i don't have much to add, except you've done battle with one of the most tenacious monsters in the world, and are beating its f#%@&* head :) pretty epic. my best to you and your mother.
you rule Dimitri. anyone can say they did drugs... but someone like you saying you beat them deserves more respect than anyone can give. I owe you a high five and a hug sunday. you're a hero, no lie. mad respect, for now and forever.
Wow. You are a different person. Nice job overcoming such a tough obstacle (in life.) Parkour and life are similar-lol.


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