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I created a map with all the training grounds that I know. Can you see it? Click the link below and let me know. How can I improve it? If I missed a spot let me know...but be specific. Intersections, addresses, or coordinates would help.

View Bay Area Parkour - in a larger map

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Replies to This Discussion case somebody thinks it's not worth it to click on the map linked by kaos above, here is a preview of the +/- 30 spots he is listing:

View Bay Area Parkour - in a larger map

Ok...Tomorrow I am going to mark the spots were you are most likely to get kicked out in red. We explored several different spots today, and were asked to move along multiple times.
we should take our Sunday Jam and follow the map sometime. It would probably be any easier way of finding which ones to mark red, and having fun at the same time. Maybe hit up a few spots each week that are on the map.
just a thought it to do what?
If you need it as an image, you can right click on it, "copy image location", paste in a browser, and than save image to your desktop...

This is a collage I did choosing the right zoom level on the interactive map, screenshoot it, and pasting it to a picture editor...
If you want to do some really cool animations with the map, click on it so that you get the Google Maps page, then click the "View in Google Earth" link at the top of the map. Then you'll get a .kml file that you can manipulate however you want in Google Earth. Change the symbology, fly around the city with 3D buildings, tilt the perspective, whatever you want to do.

Yeah, Google Earth would be ideal for this kind of thing.
The image here is out of date. Updates have been made.
...yeah, the purpose of that image was simply to instigate clicking on the link.
A bait...
Yeah, GE can do that. Right click on any given point that you want to add info to and select "Get Info". You can then use html tags to make the photos show up.

Here are some handy tags. I had to add forward slashes to the tags because this forum actually parses them as html in the message even though I just want to display them as text. So take out out the forward slashes (these guys : "\") after all the open carats.

<\img src="insert url of image here">
That will load an image from the web and display in it in the bubble that comes up when you click a point in GE.

<\a href="url that you want to link to"><\img src="insert url of image here"><\/a>
That will turn the image into a clickable link.

I always like to spice things up using evil clowns, so I edited the Yerba Buena Gardens point as an example of how it would work. Load up this .kmz file in GE and check it out.Yerba Buena ~ 15.kmz
So you could make a bunch of thumbnails and have them load as the images, then have them link back to a page with higher res versions.
Do you know of places in San Jose?
See if you can get in touch with these guys
i know Conzelman Road. is full of other batterys that ive found pretty awesome for parkour with nobody to tell us to leave


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